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      Safrole Isomerization in microwave
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Isomerization of some allylbenzenes in a microwave batch reactor.    
Le, Ngoc Thach; Strauss, Christopher R.
Tap Chi Hoa Hoc  (2000),  38(1),  76-79. (In English)
ISSN:0378-2336  CAN 134:87870    AN 2000:577146   

In this paper we present a study of the isomerization of some allylbenzenes such as allylbenzene, eugenol, methylchavicol, and safrole.  It is the first time this reaction take place in a microwave batch reactor in aq. acid(sulfuric).  High yields of 1-propenylbenzene were obtained from allylbenzene after short reaction times.

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