Knoevenagel (Stranger)
04-04-02 02:56
No 292084
      N-formylation of primary amine  Bookmark   


On basis of your knowledge how would you perform an N-formylation of amphetamine in the best possible way?

/ Knoevenagel
(Chief Bee)
04-04-02 08:15
No 292193
      N-formylation  Bookmark   

Reflux it with formic acid in toluene with a dean-stark water trap or reflux with ethyl formate.
04-04-02 19:56
No 292390
      MDA v. amph  Bookmark   

Hi Rhodium

I´ve seen the post on amph -> meth on the Rhodium page(Ref: Phikal) page but this is for MDA. Does MDA have the same the reactivity towards formylation with HCOOH as the amph. Do you think the methylenedioxy-group interferes in some way with regards yields/reactivity?

(Chief Bee)
04-05-02 00:18
No 292497
      mda/amph  Bookmark   

No, amphetamine should react exactly like MDA in this case.
04-06-02 03:22
No 293065
      formyl chloride?  Bookmark   


Why formic acid, why not formyl chloride?. Any problems with this reactant as far as you concern? Shouldn´t this decrease reaction time, increase yield etc?

/ Knoevenagel
(Old P2P Cook)
04-06-02 04:33
No 293084
      Formyl chloride.  Bookmark   

Perhaps because formyl chloride can be a bit difficult to acquire. I doubt that it can be purchased, it isn't stable enough. One would have to try to make it as needed.