RESET321 (Stranger)
04-04-02 11:58
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A close friend of mine has about 10 grams of pure diazepam powder. No coating or fillers. no A/B extraction needed. Okay? Well he is pondering the possibilities of an insufflateble valium. A freebase is not soluble in water, there for it will not absorb through the nasal membrane. A hydrocloric salt will, hence a faster route of action. Now how would a hcl conversion effect the product. Yes I know, if it's not broken don't fix it; yet us W.O.Ds resistence must constantly improve on our chemical warfare tactics.  

~When Life Hands You Ephedrine.... Make Meth~
04-04-02 12:28
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As diazepam only has amide and conjugated imine nitrogens, you cannot make a salt of it.

//Tyrone Slothrop