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04-05-02 10:48
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Can any one suggest an alternative to glass for a H2SO4 epoxide rearrangement that would not react with the regents?  Would stainless steel be an alternative.  I think some one at one time might have mentioned using stainless resturant boiler a while back(mabyee Lab top) but swim couldn't find it.
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04-05-02 12:22
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Pyrex round bottom flask in an oil bath or heating mantel.
This is what you want.

You need the right stainless or it will corrode, I would avoid chinese shit stainless.
Goggle will probably answer your question!!!  Have you tried searching there??  Or do you need your hand held when you walk across the street?

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04-05-02 21:24
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Foxy I was hoping you would hold my hand and walk across the street.Perhaps a few long walks on the beach.  But Swim has acess to pyrex but specificly did not want it. Honestly Swim is partial to buckets over glass any day, and even though they withstand the internal heat from an Al/Hg rxn swim has his doubts about externaly heating one of these buckets.  However though one of these buckets nesteled into a 40qt alumnium turkey fryey would privide approximatly1.5 inces of water jacket which might provide adequate safe heating from a grillstand below. Swim had the idea that stainless steel would be acceptable and was looking for information such as there are different qualities steel which very by geographic location.
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04-06-02 02:54
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Just a suggesting - if you look up custom teflon coating on the internet there are places that will do just that. I have no idea if teflon will hold up to refluxing H2S04 though. Teflon is a brand name for a line of coatings produced by Dow or DuPont i think, anyways, in this product line there are like 5 or 6 different formulas with different properties; FEP, PFA, PTFE etc. 3M also manufactures a big line of coatings, off hand Kel-F (PolyChloroTriFluoroEthylene) offers good acid resisitance, again check with a coating company though.

 One should call one of these places up and talk to one of their engineers.

Its kinda pricey but they will coat anything ya want. SWIM had a pressure tank for car painting ghetto rigged into a pressure reaction vessle coated with teflon, works like a charm.

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