UKBEE (Hive Bee)
04-08-02 10:25
No 294268
      Safrole --> MDP2P using H2S04 + NH4NO3  Bookmark   

Rhodium et al, has anyone else apart from Tboc etc , gotten this to work. (don't flamei read all the posts on here about it) nothing conclusive. apart from a cpl of sucesses

SWIM is looking to run some small scale tests 5g Safrole, but was just wondering as its all gone quiet on here. is it a duff procedure.

SWIM's planning to do this next sat/sunday (hopefully with TLC/Etc) to verify outcome.

SWIM would be so pleased if he could get this to work as he's just had a 200kg/apprx Drum of sassy oil turn up in his dreams :-)

I love the smell of Ketone in the morning.
(Chief Bee)
04-08-02 10:32
No 294270
      MDP2Pol  Bookmark   

Unfortunately the results are as inconclusive as it seems. 1-2 people claim success, many others failure. But having access to TLC is a good tool when it comes to investigating this method.
(Distinctive Doe)
04-08-02 10:34
No 294271
      where is this from?  Bookmark   

Do you have a link or a reference?
What are you talking about?
At least give post numbers.

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04-08-02 10:38
No 294272
      this link  Bookmark   

../rhodium/chemistry /mdp2pol.html
04-08-02 11:07
No 294283
      Lost time.  Bookmark   

If you really want to take advantage of your drum, forget immediately what you read there, and start reading the "can't get safrole!FREEZE IT!" thread in the Newbee forum.
Forget the oxone route for now, untill now I saw no one using it at the scales you can use a buffered performic!
Read the LATEST threads on the buffered performic, and concentrate fully on that method, or I ASSURE you that you are going to loose an immens amount of time and precursors.
Do not get distracted by any other method, follow like a bulldog the guidelines given lately, and do NOT take shortcuts! LT/

(Hive Addict)
04-08-02 13:53
No 294333
      Agreed  Bookmark   

>Forget the oxone route for now

I completely agree with LT about this. Use the benzo wacker or the performic (and I'd HIGHLY recommend the performic as the cost is significantly lower). The oxone method is just for hobbyists who want a few grams and don't care about their yields. It is not for the general public to put in place for manufacturing with intent to distribute. The other methods, like the one detailed in this thread are for researcher-hobbyists to investigate.

So you're asking for answers to questions that still need to be properly researched... and about methods that most likely will not compare to the efficiency and success that has been seen with the performic and with the benzo wacker.
(Hive Addict)
04-09-02 01:33
No 294560
      MdP2POL or sell the sass Umm  Bookmark   

Swim thinks if you have acess to barrels you should not cook  but instead rebottle it and sell it. Lets see people would probably be happy to pay 90-100 a kilo x the 205kilos = a hell of alot more than the 7-8000 you found it for.  then you would not live in constant fear of the man kicking your door in since you plan to cook a barrel.  Also the money would be clean.  lets see at a 30%yeild of 200 kilos= 60 kilos.. x 10000 pills per kilo= 600,000 pills at $2 per pill is 1.2 million.  but then there is finding someone who has the ability to purchase 600,000 pills. and then again that 1.2million ain't gonna do you a bit of good unless you clean it.

However though if you wish to experiment withthe P2POL method then swim would suggest doing the First rxn with safrole and H2SO4 in a dry ice acetone bath.  In a standard ice salt water bath 80% H2SO4 rips safrole to shreads.  the whole thing turns purple and the purple goop sticks to the side of the flask.
(Hive Bee)
04-09-02 02:03
No 294572
      Barrel of sassy  Bookmark   

it was actually aquired v cheaply. (it seems SWIM has friends that can divert stuff !!!)

SWIM has Good Homes for most of it :-)

anyhow SWIM says selling it could land him in Jail as its Controlled in UK. no need to bring unwanted heat, SWim will just keep it for life.

I love the smell of Ketone in the morning.