Chemikaze (Newbee)
04-09-02 19:14
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      Anybody with S**ma-A***ich experience?help  Bookmark   

Hi,guys,say i was going to order some neutral (non-suspicious) reagents/chemicals from S**ma-A***ich, and before doing so, i have to clear some technical questions about ordering.Could you please pM me?Your help will be very much appreciated.
Thanks ahead.wink

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(Chief Bee)
04-09-02 19:57
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      S-A Orders  Bookmark   

1) You need a real or fake front company to order.
2) You need a real address in a non-residential area to send the goods to.
3) Be prepared to answer a lot of questions.
4) Don't even think about ordering any controlled or watched substances from them.

X) There are a lot of purchasing instructions in TFSE.
04-09-02 20:30
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      1) You need a real or fake front company to ...  Bookmark   

1) You need a real or fake front company to order.

Say...what "documents" i would need to prove that??
I could just name an unexisting company with unexisting address,i guess there is no way they can check if it does exist(assuming i live FAAAR away from USA and other "strongly controlled countries")...right?
All i got is a credit card,is that enough?:)))(kidding:)

2) You need a real address in a non-residential area to send the goods to.

I live...err...where Antoncho does:)How the heck they will find out it`s residential or not,or does my "company" exist, lets assume they wont:)

3) Be prepared to answer a lot of questions.

And do they like phone calling or email will be ok.If they`ll interrogate me via email,i`ll have time to prepare. (And what if i werent speaking english,what would they do,i wonder? Hmmm)

4) Don't even think about ordering any controlled or watched substances from them.

Yes of course,this is obvious...

X) There are a lot of purchasing instructions in TFSE.

Ok,thank you,you are fast indeed...

When I die bury me upside down so the world can kiss my ass.
(Old P2P Cook)
04-09-02 20:37
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      Local distributor?  Bookmark   

I would expect that for non U.S. accounts that they would probably want you to use a local (to you) distributor of their products.
(Hive Bee)
04-09-02 22:52
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      S...A...  Bookmark   

Forget them. You will definitely get an account, but then they will check very carefully who you are, where you are, what you do and how much money you have.

04-10-02 07:29
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      legit account with them  Bookmark   

I set up a legit account for my university with them, and it took 2 months of back and forth to get them every thing they wanted, credit references, local licenses, etc.  Then, they required that the first two orders were prepaid with university checks, and then they relaxed, just a little.

Man, it would be nice to get that redP for $66 a kilo, but it ain't happening for a bit.
04-10-02 18:38
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Sigma-aldrich is probably one of the tightest companies to deal with, period. they are one of the biggest, if not biggest legit chemical dealers in the world. they have been dealing with this stuff when most of the people on this forum weren't even twinkles in their mothers eyes.

they do make nice catalogs with physical properties of chemicals though :) I would recomend snagging one up, makes a nice reference
04-10-02 21:14
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      correct  Bookmark   

The Sucker - Asshole company is the most restictive i've ever seen. 9 years ago, during my first steps in clandestine analogue chemistry, they refused to sell even unscheduled precursors although we had no precursor law in germany at this time.mad
(Hive Bee)
04-11-02 08:32
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      ? WHY S-A ?  Bookmark   

Why not buy your chems from a smaller supplier?

I take pride in knowing that I help out smaller companies.
(Hive Bee)
04-12-02 04:05
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      Agreed SA can suck a fat cock, other than their ...  Bookmark   

Agreed SA can suck a fat cock, other than their nice product search engine i dont think they are worth the bother. A smart bee is better to throughly KNOW the chemicals she needs and find out what areas of industry use each item and direct his orders to small business in these specific areas.

For example in a post of mine a while back, I found that with a little sweet-talk a water treatment company could be finagled into selling liquid bromine as they deal with is in large quantities as a raw material. Also NaBH3CN is used by companies who do biomolecule labling - another example of good possible source.

Bee creative, sourcing is half the fun or ten times the bother if you fuckup orders with big chem suppliers. SA F**her and all thoes other places are just as evil as microsoft.

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04-12-02 13:47
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04-13-02 23:16
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      S-Ald  Bookmark   

When I worked for a University, S-Ald was O.K.. However, I
called them a few years ago to request a catalog, and they
freaked out. Even though I was doing nothing illegal, and I
never have, S-Ald acted like I was trying to buy Heroin. I
suggest that any private citizen who directly contacts S-Ald, should expect Federal Agents to come a-calling. If you
wish to acquire some of those fine S-Ald reagents, buy them
through your friendly, local, chemical supply company.
(Hive Bee)
04-14-02 19:54
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      Better idea  Bookmark   

When I want a certain chemical I usually go to my local chem supply store and order it. If they happen to be out of the chemical I want, they simply order it for me directly from the supplier we discuss right now. They are very grateful for all orders and completely satisfied with the answer like:"I'm not going to use it for drug or explosive manufacturing." and you have to show them your driver's licence to prove you are old enough to buy such products. So I suggest you to first check out your local suppliers and buy as much as you can from them or from other OTC sources. However you won't be able to get listed chemicals neither from local suppliers nor from the SA, so don't even bother.

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04-23-02 04:57
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      used all the fax paper  Bookmark   

i made the mistake of having them fax an application to my workplace, you wanna talk about raised eyebrows, fuck me!
(Hive Addict)
04-23-02 06:57
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      funny local supliers  Bookmark   

...local chem supply ....

it is funny, you hear this term all the time... yet swim has not seen a "local" supplier that would sell him shit..
not within 200miles.. and live close to some large cities...

damn yellow pages..

sorry for getting off topic...

"The gods are too fond of a joke."  (Aristotle)

04-23-02 14:26
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      Perhaps another hobby would help.  Bookmark   

Maybe I need other interests. Say an interest in homemade Pyrotechnics, or Go-Cart racing, or repairing surfboards. Perhaps an interest in perfumery, or formulating ice cream, or improving my health through dietary supplements, or aroma-therapy.

Buying stuff is kinda hard right now. It is spring time, maybe I should go down to the paint store, and look at solvents, and strippers for that big painting job I been putting off.

Then, after a while, I'll think about rechroming some stuff on my old car. maybe I'll even try to plate some stuff with something exotic, like gold or platinum. And, I'll go around and talk to a chemical supplier, and we'll talk about old cars, and has he ever done any electro-plating from non-cyanide solutions. And, I'll offer him a whopper, cause I bought three, just a minute ago, but now I can only eat one. Or, maybe I'll offer him a few of these really great oranges, I just bought. And, if he's amenable I'll buy a little Silver Nitrate, or Gold, or Chloro-platinic Acid. But, only if its not a problem. And, I'll ask for a catalog. And, I'll come in a few times, and I'll buy a some innocent things. I'll laugh and tell jokes, and be friendly. And, It will be really easy for me to friendly, because I like people.

And, I'll have a friendly, local, chemical supplier. Its really not a scam. Its business. And, I'll never ask him to do anything even slightly questionable. I'll Let him deal with S...A.

He's off the hook, who could suspect the old-car buff is a criminal? How can they know the company I start later on, is just a front.

Fact is, maybe I won't need to start a front company, maybe my hobbies provide all the chemicals I need.

Who knows? Maybe I'll really get interested in one of those hobbies, and discover it is more profitable than being a bee.

Being a bee usually passes, learning how to make a friend sticks with you. Oh, and yeah, if I ever need him, I'll have a friendly, local, chemical supplier.

Try small companies, you will get a warmer reception. They actually welcome your business.

In some states, an interest in fireworks or explosives was once considered an OK introduction. If you are a little strange, this is for you. I don't know if this is still a viable approach. But, it is a thought.

Back to the subject. You cannot approach S A safely. Even established companies and Universities struggle. Likewise... V...W....R.....Leave well enough alone, unless you are very experienced, you will be at peril. Try to Build a walk in relationship with a small company. Let them deal with the big boys. Be confident but careful. Usually, the worst that will happen, is that they will reject you, humiliate you, and spit on you. And, Perhaps write down the liscence plate of your car. Since, this is exactly what your ex-girl friend did to you, and you will be driving her car, you will be fine.