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04-10-02 03:10
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Seems I rather remember lots of talk about this much desired effect. I know I could use some every now and again.

"The decarboxylation of organic acids"
Journal of Chemical Education v.40 p212 1963

From my amateurs point of view looks as though many benzene ring types are loosing all their COOH in a flash. Lots of refs too.

You guys should just check out the JCE -
They are online and have a search engine that goes back to the 1920's or so.

fuckit never mind.

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04-10-02 08:07
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The Journal of Chemical Education has lots of interesting articles on small scale laboratory procedures.

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04-11-02 09:37
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You say they are on line but then you don't put in the link or a hint as to where. So I thought I would go ahead and post the link I found 2 clicks from Rhodium's site and I was here.

Is this the place?

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04-12-02 06:17
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see there you found it!!!

Yes the JCE is one nice journal. BTW I didn't say the whole text was online you still gotta go to the library. I would suggest a good chemical university style.

The search engine for the JCE goes back to the begining in the 20's (?) but you can only search in the "Title" field all the way back.

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04-13-02 10:05
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Is there any one that will loan me a password and account on the JCE. They use the top lines of the mailing label for thw account. PM the information from a mailing label anyones will do. Thanks yes did some searching and came up with about 36 great ones.Wish I had the $$$ to d/l them.

Don't look at me I didn't do it!
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04-13-02 20:03
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I have access to that journal, not the electronic version but the hard copy.
I MIGHT get over to the library and copy them someday.

I'm trying to get ahold of/borrow a laptop computer that I can hook my scanner to, then I'll go and get a load of articles for FREE. smile

Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety
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04-13-02 20:37
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Something I have used at a chemistry library which doesn't have any xerox machines where I live is a hi-res digicam, the pictures it takes are good enough for use in an OCR after increasing the contrast in photoshop.
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04-20-02 22:45
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yes that is an excellent method but my old casion qv10 won't allow that sort of clarity.

most chemical/university libraries have JCE - at least 3 that are here in town have them on the shelf. One back to the beginnning of time.

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