scarmani (Hive Bee / Eraser)
04-15-02 06:15
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Well this is the general chemistry forum so I hazard that it's safe to ask an irrelevant question out of pure curious whim.

What the longest string of only capital letters (no lowercase, no subscripts) that corresponds to a valid, known, stable compound's formula?

(The longest I've seen is KSCN.  Any longer than that and it would look more like an acronym than a formula!)

Those innocent eyes slit my soul up like a razor.
04-16-02 06:00
No 297529
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HCOOH. (could be written as H2CO2 but oh well tongue)
(Hive Prodigy)
04-16-02 22:49
No 297804
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How about CHDTCHO, or rather C(HDT)CHO, which is of course acetaldehyde, with two of the protons on the methyl group replaced, one with a deuteron, and the other with a triton.


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