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04-15-02 15:47
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      P2P from Acetone and Phenylacetic Acid  Bookmark   

This may have been mentioned before at the hive, but I could not find the patent number using the search engine.

Patent GB1591538

Describes a process for producing ketones from other ketones and carboxylic acids via a heated catalytically active material.

It does not seem to hold many benefits over say simple dry distillation of calcium phenylacetate and calcium acetate. Though yields of phenylacetone (P2P) are reported to be 60%.

But I though it should be mentioned for the records.

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04-15-02 16:24
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      acetone vs. acetic acid  Bookmark   

Very interesting.  Acetone is easier to get than acetic acid.  Acetone costs less, too.

The hardest thing to explain is the obvious