Shambhala (Hive Bee)
04-17-02 01:02
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Swim calls Orange store, "No, we don't have it, what is it?", fucker!  Swim goes and calls the hardware store on the low side of the town, "That's used to make milk. right?", dumb fucker go tip some cows.  The local fermintation supply house is 52.1 miles away.  Ugh, only aircondition is 4x100(In this dream swim drives a Mustang Terminator  Swim gets to the supply house.  Wipes sweat beads from their forehead(it's summer now).  Checks their wallet, yup a $5 bill and a smile.  Oh SHIT!  Forgot about tax, fuck you uncle sam, bitch!  Luckily the human behind the counter thinks swim is hot(they were).  A few moments of touching and fondling they agree to put up the quater.  Swim walks out with a new sex partner and a 2oz bag of Calicum Chloride for 5.25.  Now, swims question. . .  Other than fermintation what other outlets should swim think of?  Mabey swim needs to use the search engine?  However, this story was too lovely not to share ISHO.

Alittle further now, "YOU CAN DO IT!"(WaterBoy?)
04-17-02 01:34
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Hardware stores do carry it. The store probably doesn't know it though. Pm me i'll give u the name of the product.

We'll soon find out if I'm a chemist or not!
(Hive Bee)
04-17-02 03:34
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Calicum Chlordie man says, "now you got water."

While I am speaking of chloride. . .  Can't swim use Ammonium Chloride to clean their fish tank?

Alittle further now, "YOU CAN DO IT!"(WaterBoy?)
(Hive Addict)
04-17-02 04:41
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The big orange store is not a chemical supply house.  When you call up asking for a perticular chemical how the fuck is the moron that answers the phone going to know what you want unless it is on their watched list. I bet you didn't evenknow it existed before reading about it here. No one Pm OTC sources.  Even something as simple as CaCL2. A little more through coherant reading would have sent this man directly for the product he was looking for.  The Aquisitioning is 90% of the education.  you want to know where something is then start going out to stores and read all the labels like I know everyone else does now just by instinct.  It is funny as hell that he drove so far to find something that could have been had at the first place he looked.  That is what you get though. A master aquisitioner will last longer than a master chemist anyday. to this date swim has not been asked any questions much less even a funny look about any thing she ever purchased.  For some reason this guy really irritates me. What a moron.
(Hive Bee)
04-17-02 05:03
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Use your head does some dumb ass at the big orange even know what CaCL2 is?

Do you think that guy in the orange vest passed chemistry?

Answer: No, hell no.

RE: Aquisitioning is 90% of the education.  you want to know where something is then start going out to stores and read all the labels

I agree. Spend an afternoon reading labels don't be lazy.