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04-17-02 06:45
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is there a recipe for the simple person??  there is alot in here that i don't understand and i would like to know if there is anyone that can give us a good recipe in layman's terms that we can understand.  Please don't think i am stupid or anything but we keep tring different recipes but seem to fail for some reason.  can anyone help??  If there is anyone who can give a good recipe then i will give my email address if you don't want to make it public??  thanks in advance
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04-17-02 06:51
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Who registered a new account to post this? This is obviously a member here thinking he's cute.

Your 'recipes' lie here, in the search engine, and at ../rhodium/chemistry under the chemistry index. No one is going to email you, because we don't trust you.

I'm sorry but that's just how things are here. Good luck.


Vivent Longtemps La Ruche!
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04-17-02 09:10
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Call your meth dealer 55s-peed.  He has already done the work for you. All you have to do is consume it.  that is prety easy isn't it.
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04-17-02 16:11
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If there is anyone who can give a good recipe then i will give my email address if you don't want to make it public

How more public can we make it?

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04-17-02 17:28
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but this one takes the cake.

please insert coin
04-17-02 18:52
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Well, since Pickler is in a rather nice mood today, he's gonna help ya.

     nano scale,curbshot style!

     Materials list:

     1. 8 oz. denatured alcohol
     2. 24 pfed pills 60mg
     3. 12 oz glass jar / lid.
     4. 2 coffee filters /funnel
     5. Corning/Pyrex plate
     6. Heat source (no open flame)

     Crush your pills and put in 12oz glass jar, pour the denatured alcohol also into the jar and fit with lid. Shake
     jar hard a few minutes, put in freezer and wait 10. Min. Shake again and keep in freezer another 20 min.
     Carefully pour the top layer into funnel pouring on top of coffee filters exiting funnel onto glass dish.
     Evaporate alcohol to get your pfed. Should be around 1.5gm

     Materials list:

     1. Test tube (cigar tube works good )
     2. 3in. Balloon ( standard kids size water balloon)
     3. Black electrical tape
     4. Soup can filled with damp sand.
     5. Candle (buy the kind that sit in glass bowl)
     7. Pfed / iodine / red phosphorus

     Note: using 2 soup cans one on top of the other makes perfect source of heat to the moist sand. Construction
     very simple the lower can has holes drilled through out it for cooling and air supply for flame. Now with candle
     lit in 1st can place 2nd can right on top. Sand will warm instantly and your ready to go . You will be using 1 ~
     11/2 gm's e 3gm's i 2gm's r

     Note: the ratio is based on your more then likely using mbrp and iodine from tincture. Do not adjust ratio.
     Reason being never once while nano pondering had failure or half reacted product, and never yielded under 60
     % so follow instructions and don't make any adjustments. From start to finish takes swim 2 hours give your
     self probably 21/2. You will end up with at least .7 gm of get your dick hard meth. Don't get me wrong swim
     has seen his share of failures during his adventures of cooking but for some fucked up reason those were only
     seen in much larger scale cooks. Swim has taught friends this nano scale procedure because some people have
     a really hard time understanding the mathematics of producing meth. Learning this way will not only teach you
     the basics. You learn hands on, you can ask any of big boys Methead, Worlock , Placebo , Rhodium , fuck
     there's a lot of them now . Producing high quality meth fail safe consistently is a skill that takes 100 % visual
     / observing and actually knowing what is happening while its happening and knowing that fine line of needed
     adjustments if things donít go as planned. Witch makes this synth a good tool to help exercise your
     observational skills and get you clued in on whatís going on. And main thing, a fat bowl load when finished.

     Put test tube in freezer about 5 min before adding chemicals, once all 3 are added ( I2 1st, E 2nd , RP 3rd ),
     you will have 3 distinctive layers in test tube, next you will need your tape & balloon ready. With an eye
     dropper add 4 drops peroxide ,fit the balloon on tube (only needs to be on 1/2 inch let the slack hang over
     )now tape the balloon to the glass tube, shake the 3 reactants to mix well ( donít let any get into the
     balloon)the rxn will start , push tube into the sand 21/2 ~ 3 in. Set your timer for 1 hour and exercise your
     observational skills take notes on what you see, after a handful of runs at this soon you won't need to set a
     timer because you have schooled yourself and now have your own tools (sign's) that completion of the rxn is
     there . But for now go with 1 hour no more no less, blow your candle out and let cool in sand for 15 min. Take
     your now room temp. test tube and cut balloon off. Add 20ml dH2O. With thumb over the hole shake up filter
     out the red ( its good to have a few test tubes clean and handy) by pouring liquid into another test tube using
     small funnel and 1 coffee filter(saturate filter with dH2O prior to using)now your left with clear /yellowish

     1. Red devil lye
     2. Charcol liter fluid
     3. Muriatic acid
     4. Dh20

     Add 8gm's of lye crystals into test tube (not the one with yellow fluid in it use a new one!) Add 20 ml of dh20
     to lye mix well, it will get hot put into sand to let cool. Now pour 50ml charcoal liter fluid into tube with the
     yellow fluid, now grab the other tube with the lye/dH2O mix and slowly start pouring into tube with yellow
     fluid/liter fluid (donít pour it all in at once ! Add little splashes till all gone. Covering the hole give it one !!!
     Shake release small amount of pressure that built up and set tube in the sand wait 15 min your lye mix will be
     locked on bottom of the tube this is fine pour off liter fluid into clean test tube add 20ml dh20 4 drops of acid
     and shake hard . Using an eye dropper (may have to extend length using fish tank air tubing to reach bottom
     of tube) retrieve bottom layer pour onto your glass dish and evaporate . Thatís all folks what remains after
     dH2O has evaporated is pure meth happy holidays bee'zzzzzz
Don't thank swim, thank Curbshot. There is also a 10g nano. Try the search engine.

We'll soon find out if I'm a chemist or not!
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04-18-02 00:57
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Sure, I can give you a meth recipe.

Meth Brownies

Mix in a large bowl
1/2 cup of chocolate chips
2 cups of flour
1 egg
1/2 cup of milk
1/2 cup of expresso coffee
1-3 grams of meth

mix, put in a pan and cook in an oven preheated to 350 degrees fahrenheit for 20-25 minutes.
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04-18-02 01:46
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LMFAO! Meth brownies, that's a good one PolytheneSam.

We'll soon find out if I'm a chemist or not!
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04-18-02 11:58
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take your free base oil, put in an oil burner,

lol it works

laymen terms yes their does exist which has a nice mixture of chemistry procedures and dumb as fuck non uni student jargon

this would be the mighty worlok

unfortunatly i cant seem to find his site any more sorryfrown

hatred of ontological wastes, and the marathon!!!!
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04-19-02 00:13
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Looks like my bad karma disappeared.  I discovered it yesterday at 0.92.  I was worried that this would add to it.  So far so good.
The hardest thing to explain is the obvious