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04-17-02 11:01
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oz bees will recongnise shelite 100% petrolium spirit sold otc in supermarkets, alot cheaper than a 20 litre drum of toluene

swim is wondering weither shelite which the details say 100% petrolium spirit could be used as a non polor solvent, and if not why(chemistry) not

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04-17-02 16:30
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Naphthas like Shelite can be used in some cases with good results. In other cases toluene or xylene is vastly superior. For example, in extracting methamphetamine freebase, naphthas are barely useable and have to be heated to get them to work whereas toluene works much better even cold.
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04-17-02 17:17
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Although this little bee is loathed to disagree with a bee that he holds in such high regard, he would meekly like to question whether shellite is all that bad for meth freebase.  Did a quick search on the web were MOP found that shellite is another name for "white gas" or the much touted "coleman's fuel" (http://home.vicnet.net.au/~bnt/fstoves.htm.  MOP was under the impression that coleman's was OK for meth freebase, though never having tried to use it MOP could be wrong

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04-18-02 02:45
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Was thinking that the term "naptha", as used by the proper chemist, would usually mean pet ether. Diesel starting fluids can be washed and dried for a good approximation of LG petroleum ethers. Long as you don't try to get it all.

Seems a lot of the US cooks are under the impression that charcoal lighter or white gas or some particular such heavier naptha are fine. Rumor is that the correct NP makes a BIG difference to those who desire better purity and choose to introduce fewer variables from dirty reagents, while still maximizing effective yields.  Birchers use the blue fuel a lot to wash the muck of the birch, and this and lots of publicity on certain brand name compounds has led a lot of people the wrong way in search of "naptha", is what Igor told me.

Panda's word. High grade ether or toluene or something comparable or do not bother. OTC fuels without reengineering them no way.


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04-18-02 10:06
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this place is fucking amazing, yoyu are all the clandenstein strengths of INDePENTDENT AWARENESS

hailz to you all

i remeber worlok, saying or explaining the whole deal about how the hydrocarbon or some thing bonds better with the free base, in this case i think it was as mentioned naptha

thankz bees

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04-19-02 18:39
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It's true that Coleman's can be used, but I feel that yield is hampered. AFOAF continually gets no more than 50% return when using Coleman's, when we all have seen other bee's reporting 80%+ returns. IMO xylene is the way to go...

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04-19-02 23:17
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Coleman's = Naptha= Petrolleum Ether.  Cheese did a naptha pull on some MDMA FB and it worked fine without heating. It was a final pull to get all the shit out as possible and toluene had been used up.  The experiment might have differing results on methamphetamine though. (?)

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04-20-02 03:26
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Swim has used coleman for ever and only has one problem with it , Swim hates to have to heat it  before gassing, would much rather find something that he could gass without heating.... any favorites?    

04-20-02 10:20
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Oz bees realise that a 20L tin of toluene costs less than $40!
why fuck with Shelite?!