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Synthesis of Psilocin Analogs Having Either a Formyl Group or Bromine Atom at the 5- or 7- Position
Fumio YAMADA, Mayumi TAMURA, Atsuko HASEGAWA, and Masanori SOMEI
Chem. Pharm. Bull. 50(1), 92-99 (2002) (http://cpb.pharm.or.jp/cpb/200201/c01_0092.pdf)

Psilocin analogs having either a formyl group (9-12) or a bromine atom (13-18) at the 5-or 7-position have been prepared for the first time. Syntheses of 5-and 7-bromo derivatives of 4-hydroxy- (23-24,28) and 4-benzyloxyindole-3-carbaldehyde (19,25,29-30), 4-benzyloxyindole-3-acetonitriles (20,31), and 4-benzyloxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine (32,34-35) have also been established.
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This is really cool. 7-Formyl indoles are not easily accessable.