Rhodium (Chief Bee)
04-18-02 20:56
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Online Services:

EXTREMELY helpful abstracts search engine, with access to many full text articles/journals, both in HTML and PDF.



Turn your ordinary flatbed scanner and TLC kit to a HPLC emulator:


Deconstructing published graphs or plots into usable datasheets:


Calculate the dose-effect response from various drugs:


Multivariable experimental condition optimizer
(input amount of solvent, reagents, temperature, rxn time and the achieved
yield, in return you get suggestions for optimizing the rxn conditions)

(Hive Addict)
04-22-02 17:31
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When using the very useful site rhod provided, highwire, you might want to utilize its medline option, which will give you tons and tons of medical docs, most of which are probably useless to syntheses, but are very interesting to the drug user.

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(PVC-Analog Taste-Tester)
04-27-02 06:33
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  Thanks Rhodium! That's great for finding serotonin boosters, NMDA antagonists, and other drugs that have recreational potential. Just for shits and giggles, I looked up benzodioxole, and it turned up some interesting articles. Wonder what I'll find if I look up serotonin?! Peace![cool

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