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      Tryptophan decarboxylation
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Here's two Japanese patents on decarboxylating tryptophan

Japanese patent JA0011873 (49-11873)
English abstract:

Tryptamine prepn - from tryptophane in diphenyl methane

Tryptamine (I) was prepd. by heating tryptophane (II) in Ph2CH2 at a temp. higher than the decompn. point of (II).  In an example, 250 mg (II) in 10 g Ph2CH2 was heated at 280-90บ in an N2 atmos. and the product treated with C6H6 satd. with HCl to give 63% (I) HCl.

Japanese patent JA0071674 (50-71674)
English abstract:

Tryptamine prepn - by thermolysis of L-tryptophan copper chelate

L-Tryptophan (I) was treated with (AcO)2Cu to give L-tryptophan Cu chelate (II) which was heated in an aprotic medium to give tryptamine (III).  In an example, 50 g. (I) in H2O was treated with excess (AcO)2Cu aq. soln. to give 52 g. (II), which was heated at 170-175บ in P(O)(NMe2)3 for 3 min. to give 45% (III).  Me2SO was also used instead of P(O)(NMe2)3.

It looks like (AcO)2Cu is cupric acetate and Me2SO is dimethylsulfoxide.  I've got copies of the patents which are in Japanese.  Where's the Japanese bees (or beetles)?

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