rookee (Stranger)
04-23-02 09:03
No 300387
      copper(II)nitrate*3H2O from copper(II)nitrate???  Bookmark   

SWIM has some copper(II)nitrate and wants to make some copper-chromate catalyst.
but therefor SWIM needs copper(II)nitrate-trihydrate (rhodium's way). Could he just add the exact amount of H2O to get it or isn't it that simple???
thanks in advance...
(Chief Bee)
04-23-02 12:02
No 300414
      trihydrate  Bookmark   

The commercial copper nitrate is already the trihydrate. Are you sure yours is anhydrous, I don't think so?
(Hive Addict)
04-23-02 18:28
No 300467
      What color is your salt?  Bookmark   

What color is your salt? The anhydrous inorganic copper salts (ie CuSO4) I've seen are very pale, nearly colorless. The hydrated salts, and copper salts with organic ligands, are usually brilliant colors (eg the emerald color of CuCl2.2H2O, the cobalt blue of CuSO4.5H2O, the blue of Cu(AcAc)2, etc).
04-23-02 21:19
No 300505
      it's blue with a slight greenish touch!  Bookmark   

it's blue with a slight greenish touch!
the whole thing is stucked together in the bottle.
(doesn't look anhydrous).
the bottle says copper(II)nitrate!
so i can just use it as if it would be the trihydrate? laugh
(Hive Addict)
04-24-02 00:43
No 300566
      Yep!  Bookmark   

Yeah, that sounds exactly like the hydrated salt. A quick way to tell is to take maybe 20mg put it on some foil and heat underneath the foil with a lighter. The hydrated salt will crackle as it loses its water and change color.
(irritable and cranky)
04-25-02 12:02
No 301197
      You already have the correct one, but I think you ...  Bookmark   

You already have the correct one, but I think you want to make copper chromite not chromate.

04-25-02 22:49
No 301332
      oops chromite... yes!  Bookmark   

yes, copper chromite. sorry tongue