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04-26-02 01:15
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In CHEM_GUYS Urushibara writeup finishes with, quote: "a orange stinky layer completely differently smelling than P2NP. Dissolve these goodies in acetone and add sulfuric acid to precipitate the amine sulfate.

Can this precipitation actually be done?
Chilled and dry acetone needed?
In that case, what ratio amphetamine:acetone:H2SO4 for preciptn?

In the middle of his writeup it says that magnetic stirring will not work cause of ferromagnetic Ni but the addition of all Al takes about six hours.

Are you supposed to be stirring manually and constantly for 6 hours? (Kinda of sweaty)

Would appreciate some clarifications!
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04-26-02 02:04
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You need an (homemade) overhead stirrer for the rdxn, but the catalyst coudl be made with a magnetic stirrer, the metal in the magnet is the catalyst. Don't add directly sulfuric to the amine/cetone, better add dilute sulfuric, for example dilute your amine in six-seven volumes of acetone, then add slowly, dropwise, with stirring and checking pH 1:4 sulfuric acetone till pH 5.
04-26-02 04:43
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if you haven't got overhead stirring, (can use a kitchen mixer) stirring is only required early in the redxn, hydrogen evolution afterward is quite vigourous and the rxn becomes viscous eneough to suspend the catalyst, and no stirring other than the occaisional is required for the precipitation