ihatemice (Stranger)
04-26-02 12:42
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      piperaine dihydrochoride to BZP???  Bookmark   

How would one turn piperazine dihydrochloride into BZP dihydrochloride? or whatever, in the end all i'm after is BZP. would it help if it was piperazine citrate to begin with?
(Chief Bee)
04-26-02 12:43
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      BzP Synthesis  Bookmark   

../rhodium/chemistry /bzp.html
04-26-02 12:58
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      thanks, but that doesn't help me  Bookmark   

i know it should help me but I guess it is just too confusing for me (i'm sorry i don't know a terrible lot about this stuff). that document has a whole lot about piperazine hexahydrate and piperazine dihydrochloride monohydrate (is that the same as piperazine dihydrochloride and do i ignore that stuff about the hexahydrate - or is it a must that i have both???). can someone be more user friendly as to what would have to take place? i would REALLY appretiate it.
04-26-02 13:47
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Could one of you smart cookies out there help me with my problem? And by help I mean in baby language.crazy
(Chief Bee)
04-26-02 13:49
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If you need baby language you should ask your questions in the Newbee forum and not here.