FungusBoi (Stranger)
04-26-02 11:01
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      Codeine -> Hyrdocodone?  Bookmark   

i just found out that just across the border, one can purchase codeine (with some easily removed aspirin).  does anyone know a way to convert this to hydrocodone? 

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(Hive Addict)
04-26-02 11:21
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      Yes.  Bookmark   

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04-26-02 12:52
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      DiLaudid?  Bookmark   

can someone pls elaborate on what these compounds are called in the drug store> I know Hydromorphone is Dilaudid, but what is DiHydromorphinone? Dihydrocodeinone?Just long versions of the same dope ?? Thanks
04-26-02 13:50
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../rhodium/chemistry /dihydromorphinones.html wink
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04-26-02 15:37
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Wonder who MescalToad could bee?

Is he a chearleader with PomPoms?

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04-28-02 14:03
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      Hydromorphone = Dilaudid Oxycodone = Oxycontin, ...  Bookmark   

Hydromorphone = Dilaudid
Oxycodone = Oxycontin, Roxicodone, etc.
Oxymorphone = Numorphan
Propoxyphene = Darvon
Methadone = Dolophine, etc.
Meperidine = Demerol
Lots others (both full agonist,partial agonists, and mixed agonist-antagonist).  Anything with a -cet has Tylenol in it.