Belial (Newbee)
04-26-02 18:51
No 301883
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This was brought up by foxy during an intereting discussion on routes to GBL

"THF (0.5 mol) and 0.1 mol FeSO4 in H2O was treated
dropwise with 1.05 mol 30% H2O2 at (less than)30C and
the mixt. stirred 3 h at 30C and 8 h at 45C to give
61.6% g-butyrolactone."

Would there be room for scaleability here, or would the chance of evil peroxide formation be too great?
Any other perveivable problems with scaling?

(Hive Bee)
04-27-02 19:00
No 302338
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Do you have a reference for that?
(Distinctive Doe)
04-27-02 19:46
No 302360
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I posted it, UTFSE

Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety
04-27-02 20:07
No 302372
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g-Butyrolactone from tetrahydrofuran.    
Hara, Hiroshi.  (Japan). 
Japanese Patent  JP  53087347  19780801

As raised by foxy in post # 243627