Bandil (Hive Bee)
04-27-02 16:13
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After reading: ../rhodium/chemistry /dmtsyn.txt swim was intrigued, bu the mechanism.

Ill cut right to the point:

Is it possible to do the synth: Tryptamine + acetone + [H] --> DiPT, or will the fact that its a ketone were using, cause to much sterichal hinderance?

If it is possible to do the synth, could one use the Al[Hg] as a reducing agent as in the MDMA synth?

Thanks in advance!

(Old P2P Cook)
04-27-02 17:46
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There has been some speculation that this would be a problem.
Post 194011 (Rhodium: "Re: Urushibara Catalyst for DIPT", Tryptamine Chemistry)
(Hive Bee)
04-27-02 19:33
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OK, thats to bad :(

But what if swim boiled up a lot og IPA with some iodine and red P and distilled the product. Would that not yeild Isopropyliodide?

Then swim though of taking his IPIodide and do the usual Tryptamine + RI + cat. -> D(i)PT

Is that feasible?

Regards Peter
(Hive Bee)
04-27-02 19:38
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Regarding reduction with acetone.

It might be possible. In O-Chem, experimental results always trump theory. As I recall, Heinzelman was able to produce an N,N-Di-(phenylisopropyl)-methylamine, just by reducing a methamphetamine in the presence of a phenyl2propanone.

J. Am. Chem. soc. 75, 921 (1953) (../rhodium/pdf /2-meo-methamphetamine.pdf)

You should have this paper, regardless. It is quite interesting.

He performed his reduction using H2/Pt, which might work for you, or might not. Some data suggests there could be competing reactions.

With some tryptamine, a little acetone, some methanol, and a little Pt/H2....or Al/Hg, you could know something the rest of us don' just a few hours.

Please update us..................................zedsmile