DiMethyl (Hive Bee)
04-28-02 03:31
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Search engines have failed to produce a technique for making palladium chloride. The Merc was no help either. Perhaps someone here knows how to do it starting with 99% pure palladium metal. I did find a web site which distributes photo-chems and the owner of that business told of how in the early days of his business he made the stuff on his barbecue on the back patio and the stuff was so good that he actually sold it to people. I figure it can be done.
04-28-02 07:05
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Oh come on! which search engines did you use? TFSE and google, and google groups, have heaps of info on this. Perhaps broaden your search to include the words "Aqua Regia" as well.

The basic rundown is that Pd Metal dissolves in Aqua Regia(3parts Nitric Acid : 1part HCl) with the salt that remains after evaporation being crude PdCl2.
(Hive Bee)
04-28-02 07:49
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Ok. I'll broaden the search a little.
04-28-02 11:16
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There is a thread on this subject with 53 posts, see Post 73698 (lugh: "Re: PdCl2 synthesis", Methods Discourse) & Post 75765 (lugh: "Re: PdCl2 synthesis", Methods Discourse) for practical details smile Obviously, you need to study using the search engine more thoroughly frown
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04-29-02 00:33
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Thanks for the info.
(Hive Bee)
04-29-02 00:40
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seems like dissolving palladium metal in aqua regia and then diluting the solution with more HCl -to get rid of nitric -will give you palladium chloride ionically and then precipitating the compound by ????? would give you PdCl.

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