Swift (Newbee)
04-28-02 17:57
No 302574
      Separate GBL from propionic acid?  Bookmark   

Can GBL be extracted from a solution of GBL/propionic acid? SWIM would like to do a solvent extraction, not distillation.
(Chief Bee)
04-28-02 18:39
No 302581
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Do you know the exact proportions of propionic acid/GBL in the mix? I would add an equimolar amount (calculated in the propionic acid) of cold aqueous sodium bicarbonate to the chilled mixture (to form aqueous sodium propionate without disturbing the GBL, and then extract the GBL with a non-toxic non-polar solvent.
04-28-02 20:55
No 302624
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Swim is sorry, the solution is gbl/ethyl3-ethoxypropionate...not propionic acid, and no swim doesnt know the proportions of the two because it is an otc product and they are not given.
(Chief Bee)
04-28-02 23:14
No 302680
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Oh, then use the search engine, this has been discussed before.