greeter (Hive Bee)
04-29-02 03:54
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      diffusion rate of mdma in h2o?  Bookmark   

I've posted before that swim generally dissolves mdma.hcl in water as the preferred ingestion method.    Swim is curious to know if there is a reliable guideline to follow (a length of time to wait?) by which swim could estimate that the mdma.hcl was fairly uniformly distributed throughout the water.

For instance, say two people want to ingest some mdma...  swim dissolves ~280mg in 500ml of water, then stirs the hell out of it.  How long should swim let the solution sit before splitting it into two 250ml beverages (i.e. what is the minimum length of time that would generally ensure uniform mdma distribution)?

Odd question I guess, but swim was wondering...

(Distinctive Doe)
04-29-02 04:48
No 302817
      once solid is gone  Bookmark   

Consume it once the solid is dissolved and give it a little stir.  If its powder it will dissolve in less than a minute and a few stirs will homogenize it.

If you want to speed the oral absorbtion of any sympathomimetic amine then take a couple Tums or other antacid that is just bicarbonate, immediately AFTER injestion.  I am NOT talking about the new ones that chemically inhibit your stomach acid production, like Zantac ect, don't use this kind.

These compounds are absorbed MUCH faster in a basic environment and slower in an acid environment.

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