molly (Stranger)
04-29-02 06:43
No 302860
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a vacuum pump wasnt working one day so a ketone was not vacuum distilled. the ketone was made from a performic acid epoxidation.

would it have been better for this person to have used bisulfate to purify?   or

would it have been better to have just used this un-pure ketone because a leukart rxn was done?

molly would guess that bisulfate would be the wrong choice and the loss in recovery with the bisulfate would be greater than the loss of product with the un-pure ketone.

extra formamide would have been added and the un-pure ketone would have been washed

Would the leukart be greatly affected with an un-pure ketone? it shouldnt, correct?

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(Chief Bee)
04-29-02 07:33
No 302876
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Please wait for a new vacuum pump, and if you don't - the least you must do is a bisulfitepurification - dirt in the Leuckart will sure degrade a lot of your ketone to high-quality carbon powder.