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04-29-02 17:35
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SWIM haS been intrigued with the mystique or LSD manufacture. Primarily the notion that so few chemists produce nearly the entire US supply. (If that is true they must all be here, eh?) So SWIM has looked around here and erowid but she is not seeing the big picture i guess. Can somone give me the short and sweet overview of modern LSD manufacture. Dont waste your time giving details. I just want to know the prefered routes and the level of difficulty involved (very difficult, yes, but why) and how do most people come up with the seeds or ergot or whatever. Thanks a bunch. You helped swim dream of Honey, dont fail me now. Smiley out.

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04-29-02 23:50
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1: Tihkal
2: LSA is almost imposible to get
04-30-02 13:59
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My understanding is that even if you were able to get some LSA, the complexities of the procedure would ensure that the average hive methhead would fuck it up.

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04-30-02 14:31
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1) Aquistion ergot alkaloids (ergotamin, ergocrystine, ergocryptine, ergoline etc.)--Can get these from either a pharmecutical manufacturer or from the natirally occuring fungus, or not cost effectively from morning glories, hawaiin baby woodrose seeds etc. You can also grow the culture and extract the m from there.

2) Make into alkaloids into lysergic acid monohydrate (ie potassium, lithium, calcium, barium, ammonium etc.) or d-iso lysergic acid hydrazide.

3) Make hydrazide into azide and then into d-lsd, or make monohydrate into d-lsd and d-iso lsd and epimerize d-iso lsd into d-lsd after seperating by chromotography.

4)Use fractional crystallization to crystallize lsd and then eat it.

This is as basic as i can make it, these are all the basic steps but the process is much more drawn out and involves the aquisition of some really pain in the ass chemicals. I personally have decided that making it is pretty much impossible with out spending a tremendous amount of effort in planning and aquiring the chemicals. But i'm just a stoner with not all that much incentive to do anything requiring lots of effort. Maybe you aren't. So make millions of doses and give them to every one for free and the world will be a better place for the duration of the trip and then it will suck again.

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04-30-02 18:09
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rhodiums site has what you seek.

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04-30-02 18:47
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   Fractional crystilization....never heard of that one, organic lab didnt have the benifit of being free of all the kids who would go on to flunk the lecture. But where does one get ergot? Is it more dificult that finding mushrooms? Also i read alot about th equality of the trips people had in the early days. that initialy there was a chemical manufacturer making it (early 60's) and people said the trip was more thoughtful and less buzzy. But then when i looked at the type and nature of impurities nothing made sense. if the dose of LSD is 50-100 mcg then what could be contaminating it and still have an effect at such a minute level? So writing also said that the likely contaminates to be produced are not active anyway. Whats the deal man?

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04-30-02 18:59
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from swims limited understanding of the subject, it isnt the impurities that make differances in effects, most likely its different isomers of the same molecule (different chirality , ya know like a certain part of one 'type' goes a-b-c, and the other 'type' (which produces a different effect) goes c-b-a)


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04-30-02 19:00
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theres another post thats near the top of this forum..alll about ergot so weve done all of this already.dude, youre blind...sombody lock this thread and send it to the heaps.

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04-30-02 19:41
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Good idea... wink