douglasws (Stranger)
05-01-02 06:53
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Can hypophosphoric acid be used instead and if so what would the quantity be per 1 oz. of chili?  Does rp have a life span? (Being 3 yrs. old and only used once). Does the ratio of E : 4 / I2 : 4 / RP : 1 change, and increase per usage to keep rxn strong with a high yield? Of course there was this magician holding three bags asking me these questions in a dream and he said i better have an  answer
in my next dream, please dont let me down who knows what this dream really means.
05-01-02 06:59
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      Try this synth at Rhodium's.  Bookmark   

Try this synth at Rhodium's. It sould answer some of your questions.
../rhodium/chemistry /hypotale.html

We'll soon find out if I'm a chemist or not!
05-01-02 07:06
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This thread will be moved to Stimulants forum tomorrow. When will you guys learn to post in the appropriate forums? LT/