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05-01-02 06:54
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Swim loves the oxone method(thanks Chromic) and has always wondered why meoh is added to the oxone, water, and isosafrole mix. Swim looked over at Rhodium's and UTFSE and came up with nothing. Could this be performed without the meoh or does the meoh have something to do with the reaction?

We'll soon find out if I'm a chemist or not!
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05-01-02 07:30
No 303670
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...it is to help with dissolving the oxone, though it may be excluded with the proper adjustments made.


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05-01-02 11:06
No 303721
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The MeOh is definatly nescesary. Mabyee think of trying to do it with DCM instead of MeOH.
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05-01-02 16:03
No 303779
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Methanol is not added to get the oxone to dissolve.

It should be possible without using methanol, but I didn't have much luck with just water/oxone/alkene (what works on paper doesn't always work in the flask).
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05-01-02 21:01
No 303876
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What is the main function of MeOH in this reaction?  I wasn't sure about the exclusion of such in theory, only regurgitating what I once read...


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05-01-02 23:06
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Doesn't the MeOH bring out some filterable salt? Also probably helps the Isosafrole react with the dH2O as methanol is halfway polar , halfway non-polar. But using DCM? DCM is non-polar and would serve what purpose? Cheese is no chemist and is only making an educated guess. Yes the OXONE route is wonderful Pickler.Yes it is!

Quote: "The methanol helps in forming the slurry" Whatever that means.

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