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05-03-02 06:34
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From past experiences (dreams) i have found that if one picked some peyote (root and all) and then replanted it, after 2 weeks of no fertalizing to get over the transplant, he could fertalize it and it would almost triple in thickness (height) and would grow about 25 % thicker (width). Looks like a big tomato whens its gotten as big as it is going to get. After about 2 months they won't really get any bigger (I assume its because the root hasn't had time to catch up, but don't ever plan on it catching up because thats what takes so long to grow)
I haven't ever (dreamed) of eating any of these because in my dream some asshole stole a few, and my bro let the pots the cacti were in fill up with water while I was outta town which drowned the plants and caused them to rot and get moldy after almost a year of me them growing in my dream(fckin bastard).
You can cut the top off and it will grow back in like 6 months. So if you get a whole bunch you could potentially have an everharvesting crop. Didn't really know where to put this post so i stuck it here.
1 more note: when looking for peyote, look in southern tx or northern mex. Usually grows in rocky soil and often on a hill side. Look for it under the most thorniest nastiest shrubs imaginable (always under the bush with the 3 in thorns thanx to fckin murphy) The largest ones though are usually found in the open (not very often found and will be almost 3 in in diameter) You want to pick them after a dry period for most potency. If your not pplanning on planting the cactus then don't pick out the root just cut the top off!!!!! Then I woke what a dream -=]DUB[=-cool hope this helps someone.

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05-03-02 08:48
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yea miracle grow turns em into damn melons only probnlem tht i have encounterd is that you ahve to eat the whole damn thing to get off. The alkaloid production doesnt keep up with the cell growth and results in a cactus as potent as the trichocerous and its legal so why bother?

The best way for mass reproduction of peyote from big or small is to grat them onto the top if a trichocerous peruvianous(spelling) and they will grow fast and potent. And when you cut em off Usually you get about four to eight new buttons that get about the size of the small paste tomatoes every four to six weeks during the summer growth periods. the peyote foundation uses it to mass cultivate the endangered species website has pics of what I'm talkin about and it works well lemme tell ya.
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05-03-02 11:17
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Do you have to use any cloning gel or anything of the sort to join the two together??
How exactly do you stick it to it???
Are they cut at angles???
Any further details would be much appreciated..
I've heard that you can inject dopamine into peyote to make it more potent, but is it worth it?? Assuming a dopamine salt costs like a few dollars a gram.
What kind of potency increase can be expected per amount of dopamine used?
What are the best fertalizers to use to boost alkaloid content? does the ph of the soil have anything to do with it?

And finally has anyone figured out a good way to eat peyote? I've dreamed of trying powdered, blended with orange juice, eaten raw with chasers, powder in gel caps (doesn't taste so bad but real kicks ya in the stomach.)
I believe it is soaps in the cactus that make it so hard on the stomach. How could you remove soaps?

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05-05-02 03:44
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No gels of cloning solution. Just cut with sterilized knife the root mass off bottom of peyote and widdle the top of your host cacti like a pencil with a flat top so that when the soft tissue dries the skin will not envelope over the top of peyote or simply pull away from gratef donor. Grafting is simple search google for sommon grafting cuts. Then pencil is the easiest/effective for this particular use.

Dopamine injections are good for peyote that is grown fast either on other cacti or with fertilizers cause lots of flesh is produced and little alkaloid and would be more worth while to eat t.pachanoi without treatments and avoid problems with law. Or you can just separate or stop fertilizing it and put it in a cool dark area and give it jsut enough water to keep from shriveling up for a few months to allow alkaloids to build up. But I'd save the dopaming for synth'n more interesting compounds.

fertilizers dont boost content sorry inly good ol time can the cactus can do that fertilizers and host cacti jsut speed growth

CACTUS JUICE 1-7-6 personally cause its easiest to find with right proportions,somthing along these lines for fert 1-5-4. You definately want a ph of about 8.

best way is chew it! be a man. Grind and cap it or do an a/b extraction to isolate pure mescaline and snort or eat it.

Domt forget that peyote has some 100 alkaloids or somehting i forget exatly but its several of these which is responsible for the sicknes it is written.

I first followes a writeup form this source original documentit is wuite good for beginners or jsut basic help and tips.