touchwill (Stranger)
05-05-02 00:55
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I had an interesting dream extracting codine from OTC
325mg Acetomenephen 15mg Caffine 8mg Codine. Mixed 100 tabs with 250ml DH2O cold water filtered and evaporated.
The interesting part is the Turkey Baster I used had just been used to draw 30ml of Methyl Alcohol soaking for a week in Black Pepper. The Baster was washed out but obviously not entirely clean. The scraped up Codine was stickey and gummy and brownish. Please don't give me heck for not cleaning the glass well, but what would cause this to happen?  Swim though he cleaned well and this was a big surprise. This cold work well if Swim wanted to shape into tablets. Can someone shed some light on what happened ?