Thor (Stranger)
05-05-02 03:18
No 305037
      Methamphetamine via Nitromethane Al/Hg P2P ?  Bookmark   

Can i use this synthese with P2P for making Methamphetamine ?
How much P2P i must use ?
(Chief Bee)
05-05-02 04:50
No 305059
      P2P -> Meth nitromethane Al/Hg  Bookmark   

Yes, it will be fine with P2P for making Methamphetamine. Use 18.9g of P2P instead of 25g MDP2P. Your yields should be about the same.
05-05-02 12:12
No 305117
      Thanks :-)  Bookmark   

(Hive Addict)
05-07-02 02:37
No 305602
      Hot!  Bookmark   

I've heard tales around the campfire that this rxn with P2P runs hotter and faster than with MDP2P.  Anyone else experience this?


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