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05-06-02 18:25
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Yes we all do it, but isn't it annoying when they don't put the ingrediants on the label !

Found this stuff in a large UK auto store that you add to your fuel that removes any moisture from the tank and fuel line. My first thoughts were methanol, but upon reading the label it had this to say "Vapours cause drowsiness and dizziness", well this sounds like something a bit more lively than methanol !

Unfortunately the company that makes the stuff has not got a web site, but I remember that there was an email address on the plastic bottle.

Am I within my rights to ask for a MSDS from the company to try and find out this mystery ingrediant, or do they only provide such information the medics ?

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05-06-02 18:33
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call poison control, they have a data base of commerical products and should be able to pull the MSDS sheet up for you and tell you whats in the goodies. Also poison cntroll is a great way to find out what thoes non-descripty pharmies (pillz) you have are. The receptionist usually gets brisk after you have her ID the 5th pill or so... hehehe one can increase this effect if you also ask her if the pill she just identified will fuck you up.

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05-06-02 18:39
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There is no such thing as poison control in the UK.


Oh right, so what was I supposed to search for, "mystery fuel dry" ? Or "poison control" ? that doesn't even exist in the UK.

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05-07-02 00:12
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is there a MSDS in the UK? but if they sell it in the U.S. you should have no problem finding out. just call

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05-07-02 16:06
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Elementry just phone the company up and ask them... say you have MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensativity) and they will gladly tell you whats in it..(they don't like law suits)

SWIM was in a cheap store in UK...and found some screen wash..."Liquid Fire" made by a well known company.

it listed ingredients as "Contains Ethanol" ... SWIM Snapped up the whole lot (12L @ 99p Litre) after Phoning them up, it was 75 - 80% Ethanol.

Man i always thought screen washes were Methanol...+ blue dye this was clear.

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05-07-02 17:53
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Thanks UKBEE smile

I was thinking about what to say if the company asked why I wanted to know. I was thinking along the lines of :

I spilt some on the garage floor and my dog lapped it up, can you tell me whats in this stuff so I can inform the vet ?

I have just caught my son mixing this stuff with fertilizer, what shall I do ?


What's the 20% that isn't ethanol in this screen wash you found ? must be some kind of denaturant, otherwise they would have to charge duty ! probably methanol and a bit of water !

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05-07-02 21:07
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There is some kind of agency for obtaining info for dangerous chems but I can't remember what its called and anyway its not for public usage anyway(i.e. it won't be in the phone book) although I suppose you could always lie and say "I'm doctor so and so from whatever hospital and I blah blah blah...." but don't do that cos its illegal to pretend you're a doctor,cop,vicar fuck knows!

The agency was featured on the channel4 prog Poisons but it may not be that good as the one I saw was about a chem spillage and when the Fire service contacted them for details about the chem in question they hadn't a clue,whereas your humble author found the chem in question in 30secs flat in the Lancaster catalogue with some basic info on how dangerous it was.

Just on another point,this UK OTC question seems a good point to expand on and perhaps any UK bees reading this post could throw in some info on UK OTCs in particular as alot of the chem sources apply stateside only esp. regarding brandname stuff.In fact I think I'll start a post in acquisitions now(Ill call it 'UK bees OTCs' for n e 1 who's interested in checking the thread)
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05-07-02 23:40
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Nah Just Water and ethanol...and a little nonionic surficant or somet... i think it wasn't manufcatored for the uk...probably for some european country....cheap shops always have weired stuff like cola light instead of diet cola (meant for South Africa ETC)... it maybe made here but meant for export...thats why...ethanol not methanol..

Elementry...the Multiple chem sensativity works all the time...

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