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05-06-02 18:57
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 Hey I have taken the basic chem classes but still need some clarification of the techniques for cleaning reaction products. A/B and whatever else. I understand A/B extraction is where for you have multiple reaction byproducts. all are uncharged and nonpolar, some are more basic than others so when acid is introduced the basic ones form a cation and are therfore popar, disolving in the aqueous layer. Keep whichever layer should have the goodies. Is that about it? what about the NAOH washes in the Oxone synth? same thing? Other than that is there any online explaination of the techniques, why they work, i would know how to purify somthing i made without using a writeup. Thanks bees

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05-06-02 20:24
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      Acid/Base extraction technique
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How to extract with a sepfunnel:

Which stuff goes into which layer:

General extraction info:

Keep whichever layer should have the goodies. Is that about it?

Yes, as long as that rule is followed, it is going perfect. A good rule is to keep all your layers and washes, and don't throw them out until you know you have isolated your product. That way you can go back and recover the stuff if you suddenly find it is "all gone".

Don't forget to read MaDMAx' A/B FAQ: Post 286519 (MaDMAx: "LOOK! Recrystallization and A/B general info", Newbee Forum)
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05-06-02 20:40
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I couldnt have asked for more. Thanks Rhodium.wink

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