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05-07-02 23:11
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      7%soln->HgI2?  Bookmark   

Hey Everybody,

  Got 1 gal. solution of ...

     7% iodine
     80% ipa
     13% h2o

From the notes I've read make enough HgI2 for a 1x MM alhg, one plops .3-.5g Hg (l) into a 30ml solution of 2% iodine tincture...shake and bake.  Now, my questions are...

1) I'm sure I should use 99% ipa to dillute the solution down to 2%, no?  Any other suggestions...MeOH or EtOH?
2) After the solution is dilluted down to 2% iodine, its still going to be ~3-4% water.  Is this going to be a problem
       adding this extra h2o to a 1x MM al-hg rxn.?


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05-08-02 03:27
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      Why dilute?  Bookmark   

My version of this product contains no added water, just 99% isopropanol. I see no reason to perform any dilution: your solution is of greater purity than the 2% tincture, so why adulterate it? The formulaic procedure you are following, is adapted to the availability of the less desirable merchandise. Plop your Hg in, see it happen.

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05-14-02 23:25
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      to get h2o% down a bit  Bookmark   

Thanks for the advice halfapint...I was intending to dillute the 7% down to make it fit rxn. guidelines but I was also concerned about getting the h2o % down a bit as well...any comments?