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05-08-02 03:55
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      potentiating morning glories/HBWR (?)  Bookmark   

It is known that morning glory/HBWR are poor sources of LSA, and Ergot cultivation is dangerous. So, has anybody ever experemented with potentiating morning glory/HBWR via suppling the plant with needed chemicals? maybe a mixture of:


(tryptophan probobly being the most important)

- nevry.

- nevry.
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05-12-02 21:07
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      "It is known that morning glory/HBWR are poor ...  Bookmark   

"It is known that morning glory/HBWR are poor sources of LSA, and Ergot cultivation is dangerous"

Ergot cultivation dangerous? Maybe if you drink the liquid growth media, but not otherwise.

As for adding extra chems, it's not that simple.  You'd have to know the exact biochem pathways to even speculate which might be beneficial, but the problem is often not due to lack of precursors but a limited amount of enzyme activity.  Affecting this would require genetic manipulation.
05-13-02 04:25
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      i do have a document that proposes that LSA ...  Bookmark   

i do have a document that proposes that LSA starts at tryptophan(it shows a complete metabolic pathway starting at tp). It could very well be a lack of enzymes(you probobly know more than i do...), but experementation would truly answer this question. Maybe if i can scrounge up the time...

- nevry.

- nevry.
06-19-02 05:18
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      LSA effects with DXM for a OTC psychedelic ride?  Bookmark   

Has anyone tryed DXM in small ammounts (120-240mg) or large with LSA? If so which drug was taken first, and how far appart, how was it?  I would suspect it would be better to take the LSA first because it is more mild than DXM, then maybe an hour later , dose your DXM lemonade mixture, or you could even combine the two extracted compounds into one bad ass potion!  Thanks for the ...yeah

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06-23-02 07:58
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      I think the very simple fact of the matter is if ...  Bookmark   

I think the very simple fact of the matter is if plants like morning glory or HRW could be practically potentiated for the cultivation of ergo-alkaloids, they would have been or there would have been some research done in this direction by industry.

MG and HRW are very impractical sources for starting materials followed close by extracting ergot from migrain meds (average 1mg per dose). If you read books like LSD: My Problem Child, by Albert Hofmann you get an insight into the creation of the pharmaceutical industry for ergot medications. Its clear that the next best source is from processing infected grain as was initially done as a source of ergot, but later it was found to be far more efficient to culture the ergot fungus Claviceps purpurea.

Today the industry standard for ergot production is the liquid cultivation of C. purpurea, and also C. paspali which produces an isomer of lysergic acid - paspalic acid, which lends for the production of dihydrolysergic acid derivatives such as the the ergoloid mesylates. See my post "ergot containing meds the big list" for a listing of all the major catigories of ergot pharmies.

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07-08-02 21:52
      More creative speculation- prospecting the Dredge?
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