LaBTop (Daddy)
05-08-02 11:45
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      Pro Chemistry Translator FREEEEEEE!  Bookmark
It can translate text ONLINE from RUSSIAN, JAPANESE, CHINESE, KOREAN, PORTUGUESE(Brazil!), Spanish, Italian, German, French,  to ENGLISH!!! and VICE VERSA, except russian.
Antoncho, Sunlight, Hest, Brazilbee, Uemura etc, etc, TRY IT OUT PLEASE!  Has anybody a hack???? :
SYSTRANLinks offers all major European, Asian and Russian languages and drives traffic to your website by making it multilingual.
A multilingual HIVE! Hah, that will make us unbeatable! LT/
SYSTRANLinks Gold - Website translation
Translate web content, eCommerce applications, chat forums, email, SMS and WAP services  Bronze Silver Gold 
Wide range of languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Russian...
On-the-fly translation: SYSTRANLinks updates its translations whenever you modify your website.
Easy to install: just paste a translation button on your homepage.
Fluid navigation allows translation of your whole website in just one click.
Customizable translation: translation accuracy is enhanced by using terminology adapted to your website. SYSTRANLinks offers 21 ready-to-use subject-specific dictionaries and an online Dictionary Manager that allows you to add new expressions and sequences not to be translated (ex: trademarks).

Sign up now and get a Free Trial!
How many members do we have? Sign up one after another, every 30? days!
(Setup fee Gold1     1,350 USD  Annual fee 12,150 USD 
           Gold2     2,700 USD             24,300 USD)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -   FREEFREEFREEFREEFREEFREE!!!!!!!
Welcome to SYSTRANet, your personal Internet translator!

At your service 24/7, SYSTRANet translates your personal files, web pages, and plain text. Within seconds, your translations are displayed in your browser or sent to you by email.

Over 35 available language pairs. 
Many subject-specific dictionaries.  (CHEMISTRY!)
Create and manage your own personalized dictionaries that help produce high quality translations.
Maintain the original layout of your documents.

Tried it, you only need to fill in a real HUSH or other email account, a fake name and your NATIVE language, and there you go!

DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUR LOUSY ENGLISH ANYMORE, especially those french (canadians), russians and chinese! LT/

Email from them with your password:

Dear LaBTop,

Welcome to the world of SYSTRAN Translation eServices.

The sign-in URL :
Your email      :
Your password   : blahblah

You may change your password at any time. Click here to change it now:

SYSTRANet is used for translating documents.  Just think of it as your
personal Internet translator that translates your files within seconds
(supports TXT, HTML and RTF file formats).

We recommend that you take advantage of the specialized dictionaries
available on the main translation screen. You can even create your own
personalized dictionaries by adding new words or modifying standard
translations. Use of these dictionaries improves the accuracy of your

Enjoy your translations!
The SYSTRANet Team  LT/

So you fill in your password which you got per email, and then you get this:

LaBTop is a new SYSTRANet user. 
New translation: 

   You want to translate:  
-  A web page  http://www...........%28type it in, for example a russian one!)
-  Plain text  (type it in)
-  A file (Only TXT, RTF and HTML files)  (Browse your harddisk, Choose file and Open) 
English to Simplified Chinese
English to Traditional Chinese
English to Danish
English to Dutch
English to Finnish
English to French
English to German
English to Greek
English to Italian
English to Japanese
English to Korean
English to Norwegian
English to Portuguese
English to Russian
English to Spanish
English to Swedish

Simplified Chinese to English  (Potential Chinese members!)
Traditional Chinese to English (Enormous amounts of refs, unexplored)
German to English (German members)
German to French 
Greek to English (Greek members)
Greek to French 
Italian to English (Italian members)
Italian to French
Japanese to English (VERY good references, till now not translatable!)
Korean to English (lots of unknown references)
Polish to English (lots of unknown references)
Portuguese to English (Brazil, lots of good chem info)
Portuguese to French 
Russian to English (Russia, lots of VERY good refs, unexplored)
Spanish to English (Spanish members)
Spanish to French
French to English (French and french canadian members)
French to Dutch
French to German
French to Greek
French to Italian
French to Portuguese
French to Spanish
Dutch to English  (Dutch members or wouldbe members)
Dutch to French
Using the following dictionaries:  
  Select your dictionaries: 
[U] Sample Dictionary
[G] General
[G] Military Science
[G] Chemistry
[G] Computers/Data Processing
[G] Mechanical Engineering
[G] Medicine
[G] Economics/Business
[G] General enhanced 
(By holding the Shift key and clicking, you can select all dictionaries, or just one or more of them!!!!)

Enable quick customization :
#Default dictionary entries
John (proper noun) (masculine)
Labtop (proper noun)
TRANSLATE now (click).    LT/ smilesmilesmile!

(Distinctive Doe)
05-08-02 12:33
No 306180
      pdfs  Bookmark   

Nice find LT
now if it could translate japanese pdf's that would bee the shit.

Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety
05-08-02 12:34
No 306181
      Russian to English  Bookmark   

I couldn't find so quickly a russian chemistry text, so I translated this site, by filling in it's web address, and using the [U[Sample dictionary, and translate from Russian to English:

and that gave this:

Search        Extended search
 in Topy00in You internete   
Rambler - Tory00 - Stacks - Purchases - People Of year - Work - Right - Health - The computers
Services: Mail - Chat - Peydzher - The search For files - Domains - Dictionaries - Cards - Antivirus
Today: News - Finances - The authority Of Russia - Sport - Weather - Rumetrika The leisure: TV - Horoscope 

 Sections Of topy00 08.05.2002 13:55 
To sort alphabetically / of the popularity    It is in more detail
Section Resources/lifetimes |  Section Resources/lifetimes
By auto- and spendthrift 2956 |  Programs 1808
Administrations 286 |  Food products 1168
Analytical geometry 317 |  It is other 4250
Banks 310 |  Journeys 2469
Safety 754 |  Work 1416
Business and the finances 2323 |  Radios 283
Cities and the regions 1030 |  Entertainments 2218
Children 531 |  Advertisement 934
Design 1668 |  Religion 932
Iron 524 |  Connection 1360
Laws 654 |  Services 735
Games 4155 |  SMI and the periodicals 1435
Skill 1186 |  Sport 1866
History 581 |  Insurance 44
Cinema 720 |  Building 2335
Classifiers 429 |  Theater 242
Companies 2012 |  Television 424
Computers 1786 |  Technology 967
Literature 1418 |  Technologies 824
Medicine 2159 |  Goods and the service 4586
MRE 497 |  Transport 884
Music 2633 |  Enthusiasm and the hobby 1709
Science 1160 |  Pharmaceutics 375
Immovable property 887 |  Photos 1037
Formation 2537 |  the appraisal/review 180
Leisure 1163 |  electronic engineering 803
Politics 712 |  the electronic commerce 1152
Nature 646 |  Humor 701
Provaydery 594 |     

  Statistics Of runeta

Index Of ramblera: 22221 
 It is registered
In all
They are active from them 319
345 784
85 301
 Visits (Heath)
In all 22 922 863
13 479 200 534
 They participate in reytinge
the Push- channels
All resources/lifetimes 335
1 842
75 942
Resources/lifetimes Of ramblera
 Rambler's Of topy00
 -  On the project
 -  News of the project
 -  Questions and the responses/answers
 -  Write to us
 -  To add the resource/lifetime
 -  Regulations
 To owners of the sites
 -  To change
 -  To remove
 -  To clean
 -  Statistics
 -  They did forget password?
 -  To enter under another name
(use username: topy00, passshord: topy00)

To be connected with us. On Ramblere. Lawful information.
To discuss Rambler. To add resource/lifetime. To place advertisement.  Chopyrigyut 1996-2002
OAO "Rambler Internet Kholding" 
Not bad, ain't it?? LT/

05-08-02 12:48
No 306184
      Hah, funny english, but readable!  Bookmark   

By comparing the translation and the original, I came to their FAQ page:
and this is what SYSTRANet made from it with only the [G]General Enhanced dictionary:

News of the project Of rambler's Of topy00
Attention! The loss of new registration data within the period from 0:00 prior to on 9:00 4 July 2001 of year occurred because of the emergency of hard disk. If you were recorded during this period or are changed their registration data, then you should be repeated your operations.
The data about the attendance of resources/lifetimes in this day and the older are not lost and will be restored/reduced, tentatively, to on 12:00 4 July 2001 years.

From the present day is begun the publication of summary statistics within the sections of reytinga. these data are accessible according to the reference "statistics of section" from the pages of reytinga.
For each section of reytinga (including section all resources/lifetimes) are published these data:

Hourly audience/auditorium and its activity in the present and previous twenty-four hours;
Daily audience/auditorium of section in the recent 7 days;
Geographical distribution of audience/auditorium after today, yesterday and on the average in seven days.
Given after today are renewed two times an hour, given in the week - once in a 24 hour period.
Rambler's TOPY00 began the publication of the data about the distribution of users according to the number of looked over pages of site (fretsuyenchy). these data are accessible on the page the "activity of users" in the detailed statistics of site. Data in the present and past twenty-four hours at present are published, the publication of average/mean indices will begin, as soon as a sufficient statistics will be accumulated.

One should consider that data in the present day are calculated in the real time; therefore the nature of the distribution of visitors on the activity changes in the course of twenty-four hours; the valuable comparison of given for "yesterday" and after "is today" possible only nearer toward the end present twenty-four hours.

this service is especially interesting to the owners of sites and those, who deals with sale and purchase of advertisement in You internete. Since for the absolute majority of sites are characteristic the visitors, that examines/scans on several pages during the day, sponsors can determine the sites, whose users examine/scan the number of pages necessary to them. But another index will be interesting for the owners of sites: an increase or the decrease of the number of looked over pages during the week will report to them about incidence/drop or increase in the interest in the content of site, about the success of the actions conducted on the site and advertising operating periods.

Is begun the calculation of unique visitors on site- participants in reytinga. Calculation is carried out with the use of technology chookiye, the rules of the calculation of users are included in the new editorial staff of the regulations of service.
They will be identical during the next 7 days of reytingi in a quantity of users for 7 and 30 days - the calculation of users only began and statistics did not have time to be accumulated.

Ch, 15 May 2001 Rambler's Of topy00 will begin the calculation of unique visitors on the sites of participants. It is possible to become acquainted here with the new regulations of service and the new rules of calculation.

Reports on the attendance in two last year and in always from the moment of registration are added.

On 26 April 2001 of year from 2:34 to 5:24 because of the failure of equipment service did not include access to sites - participants in reytinga. It is brought apology for the caused inconveniences.

Attention! On the server, outstanding "ikonki" of counters is finally separated old IP- address (change of address in DNS it occurred during February 2001 of year). If you established the code of counter without the changes obtained from us, then any correctings on your site to make not necessary - calculation of statistics for your site was not interrupted/broken.

If you, in the disturbance/breakdown of the rules of service, changed ("optimized") the code of counter obtained from us was replaced in it the name of server for by IP- address, then the calculation of the statistics of your site today ceased. For continuing the calculation of the statistics of your site, you should establish/install the code without any changes obtained during the registration.

Attention! Beginning from 26 February 2001 of year they changed the rule Of topy00 and rule of the calculation of reytinga.If your counter began to count less, you should verify contents of field "synonyms" in the registration information and if necessary to add there all synonyms (i.e. URL of pages with the same content) of the title page of your site.

in accordance with the new editorial staff of regulations, is permitted the installation of the code of counter on all pages of site.

Ch, 26 February 2001 of year comes into action the new regulations of reytinga Of topy00.

According to new rules, the code of counter can be will be established/installed in all pages of site. In this case:

will be separately calculated the statistics of title page (as this is done and now) and statistics on the site as a whole;
will be conducted both reytingi of title pages and reytingi of sites;
"suspicious" pages (URL of which does not coincide with the address of title page or with one of the addresses of the synonyms of title page) will not be included into the statistics of title page, but they will be considered in the statistics of entire site;
chinonimy of title page, indicated by the owner of resource/lifetime during the registration, will be checked against the equivalence of their content to the maintenance of the title page of site.
To participants In topy00 one should study report "suspicious pages" in the detailed statistics of its site and introduce the pages, which coincide with the title in the content, in the list of the synonyms of title page. The calculation of "suspicious pages" be conducted will not be from 26 February 2001 of year; all pages, whose URL'y are absent from the list of synonyms, will be included only in readings/indications of site as a whole.
The installation of the HTML- code of counter on all pages of site it is possible to carry out only by beginning from 26 February 2001 g.

Focus attention: as before is not allowed setting two and more than the counters Of topy00 by one page!

The resources/lifetimes Of ramblera are brought out from reytinga Of topy00. The statistics of these resources/lifetimes remains accessible to yuttp://

Is added report "geography" - the distribution of visitors on the regions of Russia and the countries of world.

Unfortunately, because of the failure in the software proved to be lost information about the part of the participants. All data are restored/reduced from the spare copy, information about the attendance is not lost. It is brought its apologies for the caused inconveniences.

Because of the emergency of the source of uninterrupted power the part of the services was inaccessible from 06:55 to 9:30. Server calculating client rotation/accesses continued to work, the statistics of sites was not lost. Urgent/actual (real- Tim) statistics is restored/reduced to 9:40

Service is completely renovated - they are extended statistics, is increased speed. The regulations of service, which replaced rules,entered the force.

The new editorial staff of the rules of service, change they come into force of 06.11.2000

The new editorial staff of the rules of service - are made rigid requirements for the names of sites in reytinge.

From 10 August 2000 g. Of rambler's Of topy00 cease to include rotation/accesses from the public proxy- servers. Proxy- servers, accessible for the use all by those desiring are considered public. Proxy- servers, closed for the access from the external world, provayderskiye, university, corporate, etc. - public they are not considered also they are not excluded from the statistics.

This rule is input/embedded in connection with the increased in frequency cases of "winding" of the attendance of the sites, which participate into Topy00, with the use of public proxy- servers.

The incidence/drop in the quantitative indices in conscientious participants in reytinga will not be significant, since from the public proxy- servers to the resources/lifetimes Of topy00 on the average it is turned not more than 3,5% users. Yuadeyemsya, that the small incidence/drop in the indices of attendance will be compensated by a considerable increase in the objectivity of reytinga.

Unfortunately, because of the apparatus failures the counter Of topy00 did not work on 1 June 2000 g. from 1:53 to 9:15. At present the functioning of equipment system restored/reduced and processes data, accumulated in the period of idle time. In the nearest period will show reytingi "with the delay", the restoration/reduction of urgency is expected, tentatively, to on 13:00 1 June.
Not one rotation/access will be lost, simply given they will appear in the data base with the delay. Sequence of sites in reytinge also is not disrupted - reytingi are calculated for all participants for one moment of time.

Ch, 10 April of 2000 years the service Of rambler's Of topy00 works in two-servernoy of configuration - machine to puts out picture- counter, and the publication of reytingov and work with the base of data Of topy00 (addition, removal/distance, the modification of counters and the survey of detailed statistics) is achieved on the server to

The technicalities

The modifications of the HTML- codes on the pages, where stands counter it is not required.
Any modifications of layings (bookmarks) in users and similar it is not required - during the rotation/access on old URL the server to will put out correct YuTTP-redirecht, to new URL on the server to
If you employ some automatic means for control by your chetchikom or the survey of statistics and these means support YuTTP-redirecht, then any modification of your setups it is not required.
And only if your means and skripty do not support redirecht, you pridets 4 to correct in the setups yuttp:// to yuttp://
From 15 December 1998 into Rambler's Of topy00 comes into force the rule, that to ccGI/Refresyu of page they can participate only in the category OF "CHGI" and is not assumed/taken participation in the subject sections.
Is introduced rule about the possibility of use to image of counter by the size/dimension of ykhy of pikhel when the logotype Of rambler's Of topy00 will be visible on the page. For greater detail, see the rule

In the work of our service are introduced the substantial changes, namely:

As the base reytingom for any group now is considered not a quantity of Heath on the page during the day, but a quantity of unique khostov (IP of addresses) of the visitors of this page. this does not mean that remaining reytingi cease to work, they all will function and into each of them it is possible to fall by using references from any page of base reytinga.
Is added the possibility of search on reytingu/klassifikatoru Of rambler's Of topy00. Syntax of queries for the search system and for the system Of topy00 general/common. During the search into Rambler's Of topy00 can be used both the number and fragment of name and/or URL. in this case, from the results of the search For rambler's Of topy00 it is possible to look statistics and current reyting, using the appropriate references (pointer).
Navigation for each group is improved, now after the selection of group from the main page Of rambler's Of topy00 in the left frame it is possible to redetermine group, inside the group is realized the possibility of advance both downward and upward on reytingu with the aid of the special knobs/buttons.
Is improved output of the presence of the current position in reytingakh, now as results is put out the position of participant in any of existing reytingov.
From the main page Of rambler's Of topy00 and from reytingov of groups it is possible to look summary statistics for the entire group, using the appropriate references and knobs/buttons.
Output of the statistics of the query of client is improved, is added the possibility of the survey of all unique khostov (IP of addresses), which visited today page. In monthly diagramu are included the digits of Heath and khostov on each of the days in the given and previous month.
With the respect, the administration Of rambler's Of topy00

Chuckle chuckle, giggle, but very readable, LT/, trying to find a chemistry text in Japanese.

(Hive Prodigy)
05-08-02 13:56
No 306212
      Lili  Bookmark   

Hey Lili, are you reading this by any chance? I'd like to throw out the idea of making a profile option in one's display preferences for the preferred language display, and incorporating this autotranslate feature of this program into the Hive's software, for the individual user's display.

Russian bees could participate in russian, by reading, and responding in russian, and I would see it in english, and respond in english, and they see it in Russian, etc. It seems soooooo complex, but I just wanted to throw the idea out there and say that this would make the Hive THE most unique, versatile, powerful bullitin board in the world! smile


Vivent Longtemps La Ruche!
(Chief Bee)
05-08-02 14:09
No 306215
      Who is going to pay?  Bookmark   

Who is going to pay?
(Hive Prodigy)
05-08-02 14:14
No 306218
      For what?  Bookmark   

That is not a rhetorical question, but rather a genuine one. What needs to be paid for? The program? The programmer (lili)?

I don't follow. If you are kidding so be it, if not, I have told you numerous times where I stand on the finance issue.

EDIT After Rhodium's Reply: I see now, and things like this are rightly discussed in a seperate thread, so I will stop here to prevent further offtopicness.


Vivent Longtemps La Ruche!
(Chief Bee)
05-08-02 14:30
No 306224
      Not cheap.  Bookmark   

Setup fee Gold1 1,350 USD;  Annual fee 12,150 USD.

We need a gold account, considering the number of hits we generate per year...
(Official Hive Translator)
05-08-02 16:56
No 306252
      LabToP!  Bookmark   

laughlaughsmilewinkI don't know, for what particular info you were looking at Rambler.Ru, but i'll bee happy to translate for you any Russian pages, you'd likesmilesmilelaugh

LOL, this translation is REALLY funny!smilesmilesmile

05-09-02 05:02
No 306528
      Antoncho,  Bookmark   

Yes, but since Post 172966 (LaBTop: "Babelfish Translator: text & webpages", General Discourse), it has improved in such a way that we can use a Chemistry dictionary, and I would like to have an online piece of Russian reference from a journal or book, to see what results can be obtained by using the self learning capacity build in now, you can then repeatedly
add to your dictionary new editted words, and fill in the RIGHT english translations for the misspelled or totally wrong words.
Can you post a link?
The best one would be a text which we also already have in english, so we, non russian speakers, can compare and learn.
If we don't have such a "Rosetta Stone", we are still depending on you to learn us which words are misspelled.
And with potential very dangerous typo's in reaction procedures, we should not take risks by solely trusting this still somewhat wacky translator software for direct use, we have to "teach" it the right handles.
I suppose the paid-for version to work much better. That's why they let you get first "thirsty". LT/

05-09-02 06:58
No 306597
      Ahumm,  Bookmark   

Look at the prices for the "bronze" edition, those are much more realistic, a few HUNDRED dollars, and there seems to be some misunderstanding:
It's not the Hive's annual hits they count, it's the hits from Hivers who use THEIR service coming from our site! And that's MUCH, much lower!
When you submit a website page from the Hive to them, it's counted as 1 hit for the total annual Hive count, but if you copy and paste a piece of Hive text into a file/folder on your own harddisk, and then use their Systranet page to translate it, it will not count as a Hive hit, but a private one! LT/

PS: you ALL seem so in a hurry always, you must learn to READ. It will benefit you in the end.wink