pickler (Greenhorn)
05-12-02 18:07
No 307774
      isomeration of dillapiole  Bookmark   

Swim wants to do an isomeration of dillapiole and wonders if its the same as isomerizing safrole. Do you just reflux it with 1% koh for 3hrs at atm or is there something different about the isomeration of dillapiole?

We'll soon find out if I'm a chemist or not!
(Chief Bee)
05-13-02 09:11
No 307980
      It's in the archive  Bookmark   

../rhodium/chemistry /dmmdma-2.html
05-13-02 21:41
No 308233
      atm isomeration  Bookmark   

Swim was interested in atm isomeration of dillapiole.

We'll soon find out if I'm a chemist or not!
(Chief Bee)
05-14-02 00:27
No 308284
      Dill isomers  Bookmark   

More tar is probably produced if you do it at atm, but I see no obstacle for doing that, other than a slight drop in yield.
05-14-02 06:40
No 308363
      Apiole, as the crystalline essential oil ...  Bookmark   

Apiole, as the crystalline essential oil 1-allyl-2,5-dimethoxy-3,4-methylenedioxybenzene, is isolated directly from commercial Oil of Parsley, by careful fractional distillation. It is the fraction that boils at 165-167 !C at 27 mm/Hg.  A solution of 19.8 g apiole in a mixture of 43 g KOH and 60 mL hot EtOH was heated in the steam bath for 24 h.


prep 58
05-14-02 06:43
No 308364
      Much apperciated guys.  Bookmark   

Much apperciated guys. Swim is trying for dmmda-2 via the oxone method. Will keep  The Hive updated.

We'll soon find out if I'm a chemist or not!
(Hive Bee)
06-03-02 03:27
No 317128
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What is the highest recorded dose of DMMDMA-2 (methylated here, folks)?  Does anyone have any kind of evidence to support my hunch that it may be effective in large doses or in combination with DMMDA-2 (kinda like the MDMA/MDA roll that anyone who has had the priveldge to experience knows what I'm talking about)?  Or just about the methoxy group of methylated Amphet's?  Any relation at all to the high dose requirements of TMPEA (basing this on the connection b/w MMDA and Mescaline)? 

Or there's DMMDMA-2, but swinl doesn't want to waste time, precursors, etc.  So, somebody back me up here or shoot me down.  What about taking, I don't know, let's just say for now 500mg?  Also wonder if 15% of the n-methyl derivative gets convert to the straight amphet. like with MDMA (as once stated by Rhod. - but then wouldn't a tolerance to MDA develop as one took MDMA? - and this doesn't happen, the two are not cross-tolerant so what gives there?)  On a tangent now...coming back).  If there is that 15% conversion here as well, then a HIGH dose would prove effective to some degree (but not cost effective at all).  500mg of DMMDMA-2 would equal 75mg of DMMDA-2 at that rate.  Thoughts? 

One more thing - I think I've asked this before perhaps, but can't remember/too lazy to trek through previous posts - so .....how 'bout a benzo wacker oxidation?  Should work theoretically, but then so should communism /...Any experience out there?  (Probably not, swinl's looking to stay as OTC with chems as possible - oxone and benzo wacker are good).  Anxious for an update, Pickler.  BTW - what amination are you planning on?
(Hive Addict)
06-03-02 12:18
No 317228
      wacker should work  Bookmark   

the wacker should work.  It works with both propenyl benzenes and allybenzenes as the propenyl benzene is an intermediate to the ketone in this oxidation.
(Hive Addict)
06-03-02 12:34
No 317230
      DMMDA-2  Bookmark   

I took 250mg of DMMDMA-2 (yes, the the N-methylated version) and it was without much of any effect... I don't think anyone here would recommend taking 500mg of it!

Stick to DMMDA-2 if you don't want to waste precursors... DMMDA-2 is lots of fun!
(Hive Bee)
06-04-02 21:22
No 317718
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I don't think anyone here would recommend taking 500mg of it!

Why not?  Is it b/c of the whole amphet. psychosis thing that Shulgin warns of with PMA?  Even with a methylated compound?  And how come I can take 500mg of MDMA or MDA (and no, w/out a HUGH tolerance) and roll fucking nuts, but still be alright?  (Maybe start at 300mg and work it up by 50mg each time with plenty of tolerance breaking rests in b/w subsequent doses ...

Why is it that TMPEA requires such large amounts - 300mg to 500mg?

Finally, what about combining DMMDA-2 with DMMDMA-2?  Ooooooh, if that's impressive, that would make the next great pressy!  (Sorry, in la-la land here). 

Swinl knows, save the precursors for the straight amphet., but DMMDx is all about experimenting right now anyways.  More can always be obtained.  It's a goal in the future, too much other shit for swinl to do right now.  But, he's going to try to up the ante for this chemical some time in the near future.  You're probably right - the methylated compound is probably just weak to the point of being funtionally bunk, but swinl will let everyone know if something interesting is discovered in these ideas. 
06-04-02 22:25
      i agree with locrain on this
(Rated as: misinforming)
(Hive Addict)
06-05-02 04:52
No 317814
      OT: PMMA  Bookmark   

> any one who actually synths it and tries it
> enjoys it throughly with no ill affects at all.

wrong. i have seen a case of PMMA overdose and it
was not pretty. also to get interesting effects of
it (and there certainly are) you definetly get in
the high blood pressure area, which is not healthy.
maybe you should learn to listen to your body. mine
says: don't do this to me.

and don't tell people it's a good thing to take 1.2g
of PMMA, someone might die!
(Hive Bee)
06-05-02 07:13
No 317842
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Was it straight PMMA though?  I've heard that some common ketone rxn.'s create a mixture of the intermediates for PMA AND PMMA.  Could it be possible that this was done?  PMA can be really fucked as I'm sure a few bees can attest ...frown
(Chief Bee)
06-05-02 07:36
No 317846
      No mixture  Bookmark   

I wouldn't say that any of the common reactions "produces a mixture of intermediates". If PMMA was what he intended to produce, it probably was the product.

Besides, PMA is even more toxic than PMA.
06-06-02 18:48
No 318419
      locrian- Swim has yet to start persuing this via ...  Bookmark   

locrian- Swim has yet to start persuing this via oxone because his pump broke. Got a new one and should be starting soon. Swim plans on animating via MM al/hg.

We'll soon find out if I'm a chemist or not!
(Hive Addict)
06-06-02 22:21
No 318468
      IN refrence to " and don't tell people it's a ...  Bookmark   

IN refrence to

"  and don't tell people it's a good thing to take 1.2g
of PMMA, someone might die!"

Swis did not say it was good to take 1.2gms. Merely that it has been done for archive purposes.
(Hive Bee)
06-07-02 10:43
No 318608
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Oops ...don't know what the fuck I was thinking there, I was kinda lucid dreaming by that point ... at any rate, I think what I was thinking of was how Anethole is a 1-propenylbenzene, and not an allylbenzene. I once asked what a wacker oxidation would do to it - Rhodium's answer -it would "yield a mixture of 4-MeO-P2P and 4-MeO-propiophenone."  So nevermind that point from before ...I should sleep more often.