Lucid_Dreamer (Stranger)
05-13-02 20:40
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Would a wise person use declorized iodine from tinc(Potassium Iodine)in the nano scale method or would that wise person use reg. iodine from tinc (sodium iodine)?

I already have several bottles of declorized iodine on my hands and this info wasn't found using tfse.crazy

I accidentally posted this as an info post.
(Chief Bee)
05-13-02 20:42
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That is probably because it is spelled "decolorized", TFSE won't correct spelling errors.
05-13-02 23:51
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I know tfse won't correct spelling errors, what I didn't know was it was Decolorized.

BTW:That still didnt answer my question after I Re-searched
with that new found knowledge you so humbly gave me.
(Hive Addict)
05-13-02 23:59
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Swisd can't say for sure because he's never used it, but he would recommend against it.

Sometimes,.... I wake up grumpymad.....Other times, I just let her sleep.smilelaugh
(Old P2P Cook)
05-14-02 07:31
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BTW:That still didnt answer my question after I Re-searched

When I use the FSE with the suggested spelling, I find the answer on the first page of hits. I guess that the FSE just doesn't like you.