Azarius (Newbee)
05-14-02 20:06
No 308449
      phenylnitroalkenes ---(Pb/DMF-AcOH)---> oximes  Bookmark   

In Post 242123 (Cyrax: "Re: Synthesis of amphetamines", Methods Discourse), Cyrax quotes a procedure for the conversion of phenylnitroalkenes to the corresponding acetoximes and ketoximes. Has anyone tried this procedure? Am I mistaken in thinking this looks like the easiest, fastest, high-yielding way of preparing oximes from phenylnitroalkenes? Any help greatfully appreciated.

05-15-02 14:37
No 308763
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This one uses Na2SnO2 made in situ, and yields are good: Post 70461 (yellium: "Tet. Lett. 26(49), 6013-14 (1985)", Novel Discourse)
(Chief Bee)
05-15-02 20:29
No 308876
      Oximes using SnCl2  Bookmark   

Apparently that procedure is only good for small quantities, at least using straight SnCl2: Post 192513 (Ritter: "Re: solubility of SnCl2 in H2O", Chemistry Discourse)
05-16-02 02:34
No 308999
      maybee the solvent...  Bookmark   

Rhod:in the article above cited they use THF as the solvent, Ritter mentions EtOAc as solvent...