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05-15-02 04:03
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ran across this while looking in a world's foremost outfitters catalog sounds like it might have some uses for swim......
this timer incorporates a thermometer and clock all in one easy to use unit the thermometer utilizes a large LCD readout to display the inner temperture.

It has a range of 14 .f to 392.f with a high /low and inside the range programable alarm to alert you when you have reached your desired temperture .

also has a 24 hr countdown timer and countup stopwatch that can be used independently. 

It has a 36 inch stainless steel probe and wire... runs on a single AAA battery .. runs about 25 US dollars .

 would the stainless probe be ok to use ? 


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05-15-02 23:12
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It depends on what you are going to dip it in. Stainless is not good in very acidic or basic solutions.
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05-16-02 06:15
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Rhodium thanks for the info....

Thats what I wanted to know ...... but I still like the alarm for temp settings if the probe was glass Id' go for it..

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05-16-02 10:03
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Put the probe into a xmall glastube(closed at one end) like an NMR tube or something like that. a drop off oil into the glasstub will do the heathtransfer. Works greath (and when you break the glass you throw it away)
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05-18-02 08:17
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Hey Hest, that sounds like a good idea .
just might have to give it a try.....

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