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05-15-02 23:24
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      Will RXN be affected if done in plastic container?  Bookmark   

Swim is going to try using a plastic container to mix (performic with dcm and iso),

then methanol, amm acetate, sodium cyanob, md-p2p
(different containers, not at same time)

and was wondering if it will leech anything from the plastic that will ruin the rxn?

Has anyone done this (its cheaper to scale up than glassware - and disposable)?

Is there any particular plastic container I should or shouldn't use?

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05-15-02 23:48
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05-16-02 05:38
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Reductive amination in a paint bucket.

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05-17-02 03:43
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PP container/beakers

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05-18-02 00:12
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      Got it - now swim knows what plastics resist what ...  Bookmark   

Got it - now swim knows what plastics resist what chems, but swim is worried about contamination too, anyone ever had a failed rxn and thought it was from the rxn container being plastic?