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05-16-02 19:51
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SWIC came across a reference to a "4-pentanolide". Now I know that "pentan-" means five carbons, and "-ol-" means that it possesses the hydroxyl group. The last part, "-ide", according to my medical dictionary, means that it is "...a compound derived from another compound...". Therefore, it may be logical to assume that this is derived from 4-pentanol, no? Except that according to IUPAC rules (what do they know...), it would be 2-pentanol. So what's the other functional group? Or is the name simply too vague?
Oh yeah, TFSE came up w/ diddly.
Any bees out there know what this is a euphemism for?
Please PM me if you want more info.
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05-16-02 23:13
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You're an Anal-ist now. laughwink

I never knew. tongue


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05-17-02 07:16
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While doing a search for this, I came upon something interesting.. I know it was Rhodium and someone i think it was Madmax discussing in an earlier thread the mechanism of GBL -> GHB transformation in the stomach.. Well, while searching for something related to this compound, I found a site that sells a product thats converted to GHV in the stomach by the same mechanism GBL is to GHB.. from the site:

Upon ingestion, Tranquili-G is converted via lactonase catalyzed
       hydrolysis -- the same mechanism by which GBL is converted to GHB (1) -- to the potent GHB analogue, 4-methyl-GHB (see *).
       4-methyl-GHB has been found to bind to the GHB receptor with 15% GREATER affinity than GHB itself (2). Gamma-hydroxybutyrate
       exerts its effects through specific GHB receptors (3), thus consumption of a precursor to a compound which binds to the GHB receptor
       would be expected to result in physiological and psychological effects quite similar to those produced by GHB, such as sedation,
       reduction of anxiety, and stimulation of growth hormone release.

Also, here's a little more info on GHV:
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05-17-02 10:44
No 310007
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I don't know if I should feel good or bad about the fact that there are a lot of people out there making money on a compound I discovered/published the psychoactive effects of, without even telling me. At least Shulgin will enter it into his forthcoming book (QiHKAL).

I guess that is something that will always happen as long as you don't patent your discoveries.
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05-17-02 11:52
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 don't worry so much rhodium... it costs far more to enforce your patent than to collect $$$ only good for inducing corporate behemoths to settle cheaper with you rather than spend it on lawyers...

 OTOH, always a good idea to patent your compounds and all analogs you create, as if there is found some SSRI or other big ticket $$ in it, you could have that permanent Bali vacation with Fractal Flower sometime in the future..

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05-17-02 17:03
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If you had a patent you could probably find attornies that will take a percentage if you try to sue for damages.
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05-17-02 22:46
No 310272
      delta-hydroxyvalerate  Bookmark   

Have you tried delta-hydroxyvalerate yet? It is also stronger than GHB, and has a third kind of effect, but it is closer to GHV than GHB unfortunately
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05-18-02 00:47
No 310296
      everywhere on the site they say "patent ...  Bookmark   

everywhere on the site they say "patent pending".. maybe you should dispute it
(Chief Bee)
05-18-02 03:47
No 310331
      I live in europe, and have $45 in my pocket - and ...  Bookmark   

I live in europe, and have $45 in my pocket - and they have probably only patented the blue bottle...
05-18-02 13:35
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      Rhodium, I didn't know  Bookmark   

Rhodium, I didn't know any of this, but I will make sure that I research things more thoroughly next time before posting. Just did a search on 1,4-butane diol and it came up. You're better than this guy, anyway, as far as I'm concerned. I strongly believe in pure research, and it seems to me that those that do the work don't always get the credit.Hang in there and don't spend thaat $45 allin one place.
BZP is next.
03-10-03 23:20
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      Satisfaction from oneself and not seeking for...  Bookmark   

Satisfaction from oneself and not seeking for satisfaction from others.  It's our animal ego instinct. 

You gotta be damn proud of creating something and knowing that you yourself did it.

GHV OR GHB ?  What's your story.