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05-20-02 21:45
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Swim came to the hive in hopes of one day beeing able to make up some love powder for himself and his close friends, he knew right off that he should take his time, do some other simpler synths/extractions and then go for it once he had acquired some lab technique,glass and experiance.
Swim has been reading and reading and reading and he doesnt know which method he should start out with.
Acquisition is ready to begin and he would like some imput from experianced bees before he starts exerting himself and possibly starting off with the 'wrong' (inefficient) method.
At this point, swim is divided between the buffered performic, oxone and MM's benzo wacker.
Swim sees pro's and cons to each method and also see's a little variance between experianced bee's suggestions to other bees.
Swim doesnt mind stumbling around and getting miserable shit yeilds at first just so long as later on hes able to scale up nicely.  He would rather take on a medium-difficult synth that will eventually bee able to scale up rather than start out with the easy as hell synth thats only gonna take him so far (efficiency wise).  If any bees could give dreaming reccomendations or pros/cons swim would appreciate any pointers bee's are willing to give.
Flame away if you need to, but please leave some info as well.

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05-20-02 22:00
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From swim's understanding, the benzo wacker can't be scaled up. But you can get about 125g of ketone from a run which is good. This method is easy and pretty straightfoward but you need the cems to do it.

Oxone method can be scaled up and isn't that difficult to do. Hardest part is the isomeration of safrole and that's a piece of cake. Only problem with scaling this synth up is the amount of water and methanol you'll need. Also, good stirring is necesary. But this method can be scaled up to around 125g of epoxide within reason of performing. Everything in this method is otc.

buffered performic yields about 150g of  ketone from memory and am unsure about scaling this one up as well. You need chems for this one also.

All the above method pose no real difficulty at all. Just follow the directions. Instead of thinking about scaling up for ketone, think about animating your ketone. 125g of ketone takes a while to animate with the mm al/hg. All methods work fine, so just pick one. If money is an issue, try the oxone method. Cheap and easy.

We'll soon find out if I'm a chemist or not!
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05-21-02 01:15
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This post pending reposting after moderater revision To discern illegal shiznit
Such sound advise shalt not go to waste.
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05-21-02 03:52
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vl you shore gave swim some direction!
thanks for the advise bee's, much appreciated...
anyone else who stumbles upon this thread who feels like putting in their two cents- by all means, PLEASE do.
swim appreciates the help.

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05-21-02 04:56
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Prior post pending revision. such sound advise shalt not go to waste. LOL
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05-21-02 12:57
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Sure. Don't suggest murder in the future, even if the victim is a cop.
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05-21-02 18:39
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Swims mistake.  He was just blowing off some pent up agression. Murdering a cop would just lead to a life time of running.  Was the retalitory indirect sodemy acceptable advise. perhaps it could be applied in both situations.  realy though who is going to tell someone that they got ass raped.lol feel better now though just had to get out and chill withthe girls.  Imagine this 1 lesbian,1 1/2 lesbian a straight girl who only fucks dudes shes in love with.  Swim has known them all for long time.  it is always so entertaining to go out withthem.  It is fun to see guys think they are going to work some game and just get played vinal.  especially when you know how it's going to go before you even get there. they're some cool chicks though. estes so redicusly off topic
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