Lem2 (Hive Bee)
05-21-02 05:48
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I will try to be more carfull about pissing people off this time.mad

during my searches, which seem to be becoming more and more frequent recently, I have come acros a supplier of piperonalpiperazine! it is the one whose website ends w/ a .be

does any bee have any information about ordering from this company? does you average joe have _any_ chance of getting something of this nature? does anyone have any tips on how to go about ordering?

also, has anyone ever actually figgured out if piperonalpiperazine is active at all? and if so in what doseage range?

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(Chief Bee)
05-21-02 13:11
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      UTFSE for "piperonyl piperazine".  Bookmark   

UTFSE for "piperonyl piperazine".