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05-22-02 01:00
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bees, look for "glass blanks", if you do not realize, much of the good glass out there is made by just a few organisations, who then sell it to be brand marked, and believe me you WILL see the difference, IN $$$, and if you cannot knock a rough edge off a flask or joint or bend some tubing you should not play with glass anyway...wink

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05-22-02 01:41
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Its all borosilicate homey!Bend it shape it anyway you want it.Swiw is a glassblower not scientific but have a few friends that do and whould love your business ,and by the way they most the time have no idea or care if your making shit.The smart ones have sites just for that happy

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05-22-02 08:32
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Bend it shape it anyway you want it

Was'nt that a Monkeys song?

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05-22-02 08:56
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Now swiw is a believer!

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05-22-02 13:45
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The places that sell pre made pipes often sell it by the foot, Two bucks a foot is alot cheeper then buying pipes. If they happen to bee closed there's one of those 99cent stores that nothing is 99cents they sell 10" of the same size (pipe size) for two bucks. The only questions are from me this guy is really cool and has tought me a bunch. Start out with a 10 or 12" pipe after awile it's history.

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05-23-02 00:05
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I have been much more pleased with the quality of the glass I have gotten from off-brand companies selling on ebay than I have been with the Kimax and Pyrex equivalents that I paid three times more for.
05-23-02 10:08
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