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05-22-02 01:47
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Is there any method to make pure enantiomeric d-meth which doesn´t involve natural products like l-ephedrine l-PAC?

....i guess the method which ofcours exists could be applicable in some research fascility but deffinitly not my kitchen or garage. crazy

/Thank you for your help
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05-22-02 01:55
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../rhodium/chemistry /amphetamine.resolution.html
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05-22-02 02:06
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There are also likely to be other possibilities involving organometallic syntheses. Many chiral agents have been developed for many syntheses involving these reactions. More information, I cannot produce, this is essentially all I know. My source (March's 5th) was very vague, and only consisting of about two sentences stating what I already stated.

Many of these catalysts revolve around the syntheses of alcohols and amines, so it is likely that such methods exist and are applicable here. What they are, I do not know as of yet.


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05-22-02 02:16
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You can also use reductive alkylation using methylbenzylamine as found in:

../rhodium/chemistry /reductive.alkylation.html

Reductive Alkylation of alpha-Methylbenzylamine with 1-Phenyl-2-Propanone Followed by Hydrogenolysis:

Nichols et al., Asymmetric Synthesis of Psychotomimetic Phenylisopropylamines, J. Med. Chem. 16(5) (1973) 480-3. This procedure offers a route to dextro-amphetamine from phenyl-2-propanone

(Chief Bee)
05-22-02 02:19
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      RMgX + CuI + Imine -> Amine 99% yield, 99% ee  Bookmark   

Synlett 651 (2002) has a large review article of stereospecific addition of organometallic reagents to imines to form optically pure amines. It even includes some 2,5-dimethoxyphenyl compounds.
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05-22-02 02:34
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99% ee? Does that mean 99% enantiomerically efficient by any chance? Just a wild guess.

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(Chief Bee)
05-22-02 03:01
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      Enantiomeric excess
(Rated as: Good Explanation)

Enantiomeric excess. A racemic mixture is 0% ee, and a pure optical isomer is 100% ee. A 99% ee mixture consists of 99.5% of one isomer and 0.5% of the other. Stupid unit, I know.
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05-22-02 03:09
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I will remember this. The unit is ok, its value reminds me of the Proof system for alcohols, also redundant.


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