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05-22-02 04:39
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      Benzyl Alcohol to Beta-Phenylethyl Alcohol  Bookmark   

Here's an interesting patent.

Patent US4158100

Abstract :

beta -Phenylethyl alcohol is prepared by the homologation of benzyl alcohol with hydrogen and carbon monoxide in the presence of a cobalt catalyst promoted with ruthenium and iodine compounds, in the presence of water at a temperature from 100 DEG to 165 DEG C. High yields and selectivity of the beta -phenylethyl alcohol are obtained.

The patents also refers to the conversion of methanol to ethanol via simular techniques (bootleggers wetdream !)

The only thing that puts a bummer on the reaction is the high pressures needed.

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05-22-02 04:48
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      Polyaddition  Bookmark   

I wonder what (if anything) prevents polyadditions from occurring, causing the formed phenethanol to add to CO to form phenylpropanol, etc?


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