pROcon (Hive Bee)
05-25-02 01:03
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      Is Meth a precursor for anything interesting?  Bookmark   

I know basically nothin, but ill ask anyway, could a clever bee make anythng nterestng out of methylene amphetamine?

Like could it be used as a precursor to ma-somethn or somethn-ma?blush

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(Chief Bee)
05-25-02 02:44
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Nope, it doesn't get any better or worse than meth, unless you are interested in synthesizing L-deprenyl (MAOI and nootropic) by isolating the l-methamphetamine isomer and reacting that with propargyl bromide. But it is much easier and cheaper to buy L-deprenyl over the net.
05-25-02 22:36
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N-protect, p-nitrate, reduce, m-nitrate, reduce, Sandmeier, O-O-methylenation, N-deprotection tongue
05-26-02 00:03
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      Sounds like more trouble than it`s worth..  Bookmark   

what about demethylation of ephedrine to ppa?
What kind of protective groups would you use to protect the alcohol from oxidation to ketones, during oxidative amide formation from the alkylamine.
This might be too much troble too...
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05-26-02 11:44
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05-26-02 23:32
No 314671
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hmmm.  Lets see.  We could definitely make something useful out of that chemical garbage precursor you kids call methamphetaminetonguelaugh
If we attach a  three carbon chain to the meth. amine group, we have a perfect precursor for an acyclic fentanyl analogue.  That attached carbon chain must of course terminate with a leaving group, preferably bromine in this case.  Now all we have to do is alkylate some aniline with that halogenated compound and acylate the aromatic amine with propionyl chloride.  Aniline can be easily alkylated by employing a Pd salt/ligand catalyst along with  a few equivalents of strong base (K-t-BuO). 

Another synth would start with acylation of the methamphetamine amine with 3-chloropropionyl chloride then alkylate and acylate as mentioned above.  The final step will be reducing the carbonyl group attached to the phenylisopropylamine nitrogen.  The product N-(3 methyl-phenylisopropylamino)-propyl-N'phenyl propionamide appears similar to some structures on this page:

So what do you know, turns out that meth isn't completely useless afterall!  tongue
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05-28-02 21:26
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