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05-27-02 09:40
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      Possible OTC sodium bisulfite  Bookmark   

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05-27-02 10:50
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      sodium bisulfite = sodium metabisulphite ?  Bookmark   

sodium bisulfite = sodium metabisulphite ?

sodium metabisulphite is available as a sterilizing powder for homebrewing

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05-27-02 11:58
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      Not quite, but sorta.  Bookmark   

>sodium bisulfite = sodium metabisulphite

Not quite, but they're interchangable.
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05-27-02 13:51
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  Monograph number: 8731
  Title: Sodium Bisulfite. 
  CAS Registry number: [7631-90-5]
  Additional name(s): Sodium acid sulfite. 
  Molecular formula: HNaO3S
  Molecular weight: 104.06
  Composition: H 0.97%, Na 22.09%, O 46.12%, S 30.81%. 
  Line formula: NaHSO3. 
  Literature references: The bisulfite of commerce consists chiefly of sodium metabisulfite, Na2S2O5, and for all practical
  purposes possesses the same properties as the true bisulfite.  Toxicity:  Hoppe, Goble, J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther. 101, 101
  Properties: White, crystalline powder; SO2 odor; disagreeable taste; on exposure to air it loses some SO2 and is gradually
  oxidized to sulfate.  d 1.48.  Sol in 3.5 parts cold water, 2 parts boiling water, in about 70 parts alcohol.  Its aq soln is
  acid.  Keep well closed and in a cool place.  Incompat:  Acids, oxidizers.  LD50 i.v. in rats:  115 mg/kg (Hoppe, Goble).
  Density: 1.48
  Caution:  Concd solns are irritating to skin, mucous membranes.

  USE:  As disinfectant and bleach, particularly for wool; in dyeing for preparing hot and cold indigo vats; in paper-making in place
  of sodium hyposulfite to remove Cl from bleached fibers; as stripper (reducer) in laundering; to remove permanganate stains
  from skin and clothing; to render certain dyes sol; manuf sodium hydrosulfite; coagulating rubber latex; as preservative for
  deteriorative liqs or solns used for technical purposes; as antiseptic in fermentation industries.  As preservative and bleach in
  food.  Pharmaceutic aid (antioxidant). 


  Monograph number: 8784
  Title: Sodium Metabisulfite. 
  CAS Registry number: [7681-57-4]
  CA name(s): Sodium pyrosulfite. 
  Molecular formula: Na2O5S2
  Molecular weight: 190.11
  Composition: Na 24.19%, O 42.08%, S 33.73%. 
  Line formula: Na2S2O5. 
  Literature references: Crystallizes from cold water with 7H2O.
  Properties: White crystals or powder; odor of SO2.  Freely sol in water, glycerol; slightly sol in alcohol.  The aq soln is acid.

  USE:  Pharmaceutic aid (antioxidant).


   Monograph number: 8771
  Title: Sodium Hydrosulfite. 
  CAS Registry number: [7775-14-6]
  Additional name(s): Sodium sulfoxylate; sodium dithionite. 
  Molecular formula: Na2O4S2
  Molecular weight: 174.11
  Composition: Na 26.41%, O 36.76%, S 36.83%. 
  Line formula: Na2S2O4. 
  Literature references: The hydrosulfite of commerce contains 85-90% Na2S2O4.
  Properties: White or grayish-white, cryst powder; slight characteristic odor.  Oxidizes in air (more readily so in presence of
  moisture or when in soln) to bisulfite and bisulfate and acquires an acid reaction.  Very sol in water, slightly in alcohol.
  Note:  The name sodium hydrosulfite is applied also to NaHSO2, mol wt 88.06, sol in water, alcohol.  Still more confusion
  results when "sodium hyposulfite" is applied to this compd (Na2S2O4) see 1957 Subject Index to Chem. Abstracts, p
  2218s under sodium dithionite. 

  USE:  As reducing agent, particularly in dyeing with indigo and vat dyes; bleaching soaps, straw; removing dyes from dyed

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05-27-02 17:26
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      pool supply  Bookmark   

I'm pretty sure swimming pool and spa joints sell what your looking for. Or pool section at home type stores.

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03-04-03 08:26
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      Potassium metabisulphite?  Bookmark   

also found in homebrewing stores.. can this be used inplace of sodium metabisulphite?
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03-04-03 12:12
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can this be used inplace of sodium metabisulphite?

Yes. In fact its usually the other way around, sodium metabisulfite is used in place of sodium bisulfite.


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