Bubbleplate (Stranger)
05-27-02 18:26
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      Juniper virginiana for Safrole- anyone try?  Bookmark   

After reading the "Safrol Tek", I see that it says Juniper virginiana leaves have 11% safrole, 6%
isosafrole. A friend of mine has access to unlimited amounts of Juniper virginiana leaves and was thinking that IPA extract might be the way to go. Has anyone actually tried this and with what results? (no theory here; real experiences only)
(Hive Bee)
05-28-02 11:36
No 315268
      Steam distillation  Bookmark   

Use steam distillation to isolate essential oil and then vacuum distill the oil to get pure safrole. 11% is not much so you will have to distill huge amounts of leaves to get the desired amount of safrole.

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05-28-02 17:10
No 315360
      hmmmm.... 11% eh?  Bookmark   

The leaves are not 11% safrole by volume/weight or anything.  That would be nice wouldn't it?  The extracted essential oil is ~11% safrole.  I would look into how much oil can be extracted from the leaves.  It's usually only ~1-3% oil by weight.  That would calculate out to be ALOT of distilling.  If your friend has the time and has an extremely large farm of the stuff, maybe after a weeks work he could get a liter of safrol if he knows what he's doing.

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05-29-02 00:31
No 315538
      I'd rather do a solvent extraction first, and ...  Bookmark   

I'd rather do a solvent extraction first, and steam distill the left over extract. Having access to a rotovap will greatly speed things up and help to keep solvent amounts down.

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